View Full Version : My piggy passed away last night. She was only 3 months old

03-02-06, 10:56 pm
It was so very sad! My husband bought Daisy for me the weekend before Valentine's. I picked her out and had always wanted a guinea pig.
She was the sweetest little ball of fluff I've ever known.
She was so little I babyed her every single day and spent hours with her. She loved to snuggle with me under the covers on the bed. We would take naps together. She learned my voice fast and would cry when I would leave the room if she was out on the floor. For only knowing her 19 days I was VERY very attached. My heart is so sad today. My baby is gone.

We had been gone all day yesterday but not over night. We came home around 9 pm and she was acting really strange. She was making a strange low grunting noise and was barely moving. When we put her on the bed she could barely use her back legs it was like she was dragging on her belly.
We had no idea what to do since this was our first piggy ever.
I called a few local vets that were suppose to be on call and they either didn't know anything about piggies or didn't offer much help saying she didn't sound good.
By this point poor Daisy's little back feet were slowly turning blue and her back that was normally so warm, soft and furry was cold. She keept pushing her head and neck up in the air trying to get air. Every once in awhile she would open her mouth real big and it seemed like she was trying to cough something up but it wouldn't came out.

I ended up getting in touch with an Emergency Vet clinic in a city about 1 hour and 15 mins from our home. They were very kind but said they would need to see her to know what to do. We tried to get her there. So my hubby and I left in the middle of the night to take her there but we didn't mmake it in time. We got half way there and she started pushing her head up high several times real fast and made a few squeals then got real calm. I thought and hoped she was just resting but that was it. She died around 11 pm. in my lap in the car. I was bawling the whole way home. My hubby helped me bury her and we bawled some more and didn't get to bed until 3 am.

This is just aweful! Does anyone have any idea as to what might have been wrong with her?

My husband thinks she might have had a bad heart that we didn't know about. But she always seemed perfectly healthy until last night. I did notice a few days ago that she would chew on some of the pieces of her bedding(that white carefresh stuff). I can't help but wonder if she got bored yesterday and swolled too much of it and it got stuck in her windpipe. Is this possible? Why in the world would they recommend that absorbent CareFresh stuff if it's deadly to the little animals!??

I'm so sad ... sorry this is long. I just needed to talk and tell someone.


Oh and just last night my husband picked out a new friend for Daisy which is why we were so late getting home. Daisy never got to meet her friend. This piggy we got last night is HUGE and very very timid and shakes everytime we touch her. We felt sorry for her and thought no one wanted her because she was so big and short haired. So we adopted her. But now I'm so sad about Daisy it's hard looking at this totally different piggy.

03-02-06, 11:05 pm
Aw, I'm sorry to hear about Daisy.

No one can know for sure what happened. Perhaps she choked, but perhaps she was ill and you didn't know it. Pet store pigs are often very mistreated.

Take the time to grieve and then you can start taming your new piggie. She sounds very scared, but I'm sure she will come around with some love, attention and veggies.

03-02-06, 11:07 pm
I'm sorry for your loss.

It could have been any number of things. Without a necropsy we may never know.

Guinea Pigs from pet shops are often sick or have genetic problems. That is one possibility. If your new GP is from a pet shop also I recommend that you find a Cavy Savy vet as soon as possible and set up an appointment for a check-up.

Another possibility is diet. If you tell us exactly what you feed we could help you if there are diet problems. We would need to know:
-What type/brand of pellets. Do they contain seeds, beans or colored bits?
-What type and how much hay you feed.
-What types and what amount of veggies/fruits you feed daily. What veggies/fruits you feed occationally.

I doubt it was the carefresh that caused the problem.

03-02-06, 11:11 pm
So so sorry about Daisy. Rest in peace sweet Daisy.

03-02-06, 11:14 pm
I am so sorry to hear that! I am sure she had a great life with you and I can tell you really loved her! I hope that you can adopt a piggy next time and give it another chance and a good life.

03-02-06, 11:14 pm
First thoughts that come to my mind are Vitamin C deficiency or calcium deficiency, but like VJ said, without a necropsy you will never know the exact cause.

03-03-06, 12:30 am
We fed her pellets that are Guinea Pig Fortified Blend by Kaytee, Fresh Alfalfa hay every day. Fresh water with vitamin C drops added every day.

We fed her apple she loved it occasionally, and some carrots too.. She ate kale and spinach often along with small portions of orange.

Also on another note, everyone says to adopt piggys from shelters and such, but aern't they just dropped off there from people who bought them at pet stores? Or once they are dropped off are they given a thorough look over for clean bill of health? Anyways we have fallen in love with the little guys that we want to know more before we going looking.

03-03-06, 01:14 am
I'm sorry for your loss. Yes, many times pigs that end up at shelters were originally from pet stores. But, if you don't purchase a guinea pig from the pet store yourself, you are attempting to stop the cycle of mistreatment toward these animals (by the breeders and petstores). Also, often they do not know how to sex the guinea pigs so please have a vet check for sure.

The perks of getting a piggy from a shelter...
-They've been examined by the shelter vet
-You often receive a voucher for an additional free vet exam at the vet of your choice
-The adoption fee is smaller and helps other animals in need.

Oh and the drops are not the best thing for your guinea pig.

03-03-06, 01:24 am
Oohh boy....you're not going to like this, but
-Kaytee sucks
-they also need timothy or other grass hay
-vitamin drops are useless because not only does the only valueble vitamin (C) evaporate when it hits light, but it also makes the water taste gross, so pigs refuse to drink it
-Kale, spinach, oranges and apple should be fed only a couple times a week, and in small portions.

03-03-06, 07:43 am
I'm so sorry for your loss.

03-03-06, 08:00 am
I am sorry for youe loss.

valerie k
03-03-06, 08:48 am
Im so sorry to hear of your loss... you gave her all the love in the world she needed in her few days on earth. TAke your time to greive. It also sounds like your new piggy is gonna need all the love and attention to. It could be a case of God opening a window as he shut a door. Find your new piggys strength and weeknesses and enjoy HER for her.

03-03-06, 08:55 am
:hug: I'm so sorry you lost your piggie :(

03-03-06, 09:09 am
I am so sorry for your loss.
I also live in Alabama and know that the petstore piggies in our state are not in the best of health. She just did not have a good foundation to start from. There is no telling what may have caused her death. You can only move on from here, remember the good times you shared and know in your heart that she had a loving home for the few weeks she was with you.
I do admire you getting her another friend and hope you choose to do the same for the piggy you just bought. I hope that you look into adoption though when that times comes. I will admit and say that living in our state that is not the easiest task, but it is in the pig's best interest and yours to do that. You will know you have a well pig and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference in a "unwanted" animal's life. I do not know if you are located in Northern Al or further south, but I can give you some information on rescues that are within driving distance to us whenever you feel ready to add on to you piggy family. Until than I think it would be in your current pig's best interest to do all the research you can to learn more about the proper diet and housing of guinea pigs. This forum and GL gives so much great information that will help insure your pet is given all the things she needs to live a long and happy life. Don't let the death of your poor baby make you lose your love for guinea pigs. Most guinea pigs are lovable like she was and if you have the time and love to give another one, there is one out there waiting on you to rescue her.

Herbie Girl
03-03-06, 09:34 am
So sorry for your loss.((((hugs))))


03-03-06, 11:48 am
I am sorry to hear of your loss. I understand how you got attached to her in the short time you two had together. Guinea pigs claim a special place in our hearts. It sounds like you are dedicated to your pigs. Take your time to grieve, but I'm glad to hear you took in another pig. There aren't enough good homes, but it sounds like you would be. First of all, looking at your food, there are a couple of pointers I'd like to offer.

We fed her pellets that are Guinea Pig Fortified Blend by Kaytee, Fresh Alfalfa hay every day. Fresh water with vitamin C drops added every day.

We fed her apple she loved it occasionally, and some carrots too.. She ate kale and spinach often along with small portions of orange.

Typically, Kaytee pellets contain dangerous chemicals for guinea pigs. When you said you fed a "blend", that makes me think that the food you fed contained seeds, nuts, or other colored bits. I hate to say it, but if that is the case, your little girl could have choked on the food. If this is the food you are currently feeding your pig, remove it immediately. Guinea pigs can choke on seeds and nuts. A plain pellet is the best thing for your pig (Oxbow, KM's, and Mazuri are the best).

Also, your pig must have grass hay at all times (Timothy hay is a favorite). If your pigs is under 6 months, you can add alfalfa hay with the Timothy. After 6 months, your pig should only be eating grass hays (no alfalfa) and pellets that are timothy based (like Oxbow's Cavy Cuisine).

Also, pigs need fresh veggies every day and fruits 2 to 3 times a week. Lettuce (romaine, red leaf, green leaf, boston, etc - NO ICEBERG), bell peppers, and cilantro are great every day foods. You can also feed 1 baby carrot a day, parsley 1 or 2 times a week, and fruits like grapes, apples, strawberries and oranges 2 to 3 times a week.

Also, have you thought about building your pig a C&C style house? They are the best house you can have and cost a fraction of the price of petstore cages.

Here are some links that are helpful. There is so much information. I hope by reading it you make a great home for your new pig. Good luck to you, and I'm sorry about your Daisy.


03-03-06, 12:02 pm
So sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Daisy.
Big hugs and God bless

03-03-06, 12:11 pm
Actually ordered a C&C cage for her about a week ago, but she never got to use it. Hopefully once it gets here we will be able to adopt another one or two.

Thank you CavySlaveSteph for the information, its nice to get suggestions from someone other than just do nots and such


03-03-06, 12:51 pm
I'm sorry - having her taken away from you so soon must be hard. Hopefully your new addition will have a healthy life

The do nots are also helpful, all the advice given should be appreciated.

03-03-06, 12:52 pm
I am so sorry over the loss of your Daisy. It is so hard to lose one that we love. You have come to the right site to learn the very best for GP's. Most of us knew very little of the proper care of GP's. I know that was true of me. My 6 piggies are now happy and healthy, and it's due to all the great help from some wonderful folks on this forum. Welcome aboard MissDaisy. You and your new piggie and future piggies won't regret it.

03-03-06, 05:01 pm
So sorry to hear about your piggie.