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04-22-04, 07:13 am
Hi, any1 of u know where to get those cheap wood shaving in Malaysia? Other than petshop. Like in oversea, there are farm suppliers, feed dealers which can get very cheap wood shavings.

05-18-04, 11:15 am
Hi there.

I've had guinea pigs for more than a year now and I've been using towels as bedding material. I change them every other day. It works wonderfully as the guinea pigs are not exposed to dust or dangerous phenols (like from pine or cedar bedding) I bought cheap towels and the piggies love them. I put old newspaper underneath the towel so that it'll absorb extra fluid. I just shake the towel off outside to get rid of poop at the end of the day and if the towels are too wet the next day, I'll put the second set of towels and wash the dirty ones. I change the newspaper layers whenever they are wet.

It's expensive at first to buy the towels but it works in the long run as I don't have to buy bedding every week. I find that bedding material and hay is very expensive in Malaysia. Some people are worried that the piggies will chew the towel or get their nails caught in the towel loops but I've never had any trouble with this. I keep my piggies nails short and always make sure there's lots of hay for them to chew on so they don't chew the towels.

My piggies love the towels.Sometimes they go to the edges of the cage and burrow under the towel layers.It's quite funny watching bumps in the towels and they just have so much fun with it. The only downside to towels is that you have to change it often. But it saves you a lot of money in the long run.

05-18-04, 06:36 pm
I tried use towel b4 but same as u said, need to change often. I tried use shredded newspaper also, but same, need to change often. Now i m using wood shaving, i changed it every 1 week & it still feel fresh.

09-12-05, 11:57 am
all the guinea pig stuff in malaysia are rili expensive =(, its rili a bad things for guinea pigs lover like us,sometimes we rili have to think and DIY ourself hehe, yeah my guinea pigs love the towel also, they like to sleep under the tower and showing thier sexy pig legs XD

The Magic Taco
09-12-05, 07:16 pm
Sorry, the "sexy pig legs" cracked me up!