View Full Version : CavyCages.com now accessible through mobile phone!

Slap Maxwell
02-27-06, 12:20 pm
For those technological geeks out there, this site is (happily) now accessible through mobile phone since Teresa switched over servers.

Now you can whip out your phone and point your browser to www.cavycages.com (http://www.cavycages.com) and show off your cages, pigs, and refer new people to the site.

02-27-06, 12:33 pm
Is the forum available too? I'm going to Hamilton overnight and want to know if I can quickly (cause it costs money for me) check on things.

Slap Maxwell
02-27-06, 12:37 pm
Yes, the forum is accessible. I am not sure about posting, though.

02-27-06, 12:42 pm
That's cool. I really wouldn't want to post from my cell phone. It'd take forever and a day.

I wish I would have waited and got a PDA with wi-fi.

02-27-06, 12:43 pm
That's pretty nifty. I will give it a shot soon!

02-27-06, 02:57 pm
Cool - so when I'm in the mountains in India I can still come on here :P