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02-25-06, 02:04 pm
Heu everyone I really need some help! I have a friend that has a rabbit and she is feeding it nutriphase rabbit food. I know that is definetly not the best rabbit food so I need to know what is. I personally have not owned rabbits since I was 10 years old and I don't know much about the proper food to feed them. She asked me what would be better than nutriphase and I said I am not sure but I will ask on the cavycages forum. So please let me know what the best rabbit pelleted food is. She said she does not want to have to order it online so it has to be something they sell in a feed store.
Thanks for any help!:D


02-25-06, 02:52 pm
Oops I just relized I put this in the wrong category it was supposed to be in rabbits.

02-25-06, 03:15 pm
Oxbow has a rabbit pellet.

Slap Maxwell
02-25-06, 04:06 pm
Oxbow Bunny Basics is the best pellet for rabbits so I have heard.

02-25-06, 04:15 pm
I feed mine Oxbow's line. Check out www.Oxbowhay.com (http://www.Oxbowhay.com). Also have your friend check out www.Rabbit.org (http://www.Rabbit.org).

02-25-06, 05:13 pm
The only thing with oxbow is that they don't sell it where I live and she doesn't want to buy online she is that type of person that wants her animals healthy but doesn't want to go through to much trouble.

Slap Maxwell
02-25-06, 06:03 pm
Then don't feed pellets. Read


02-25-06, 07:41 pm
Does Nutriphase have a lot of seeds and stuff in it? Purina rabbit chow is ok, it is not as good as oxbow but it would be better than a food with seeds in it.

02-25-06, 09:19 pm
How old is the rabbit? Most rabbits under one year of age should be on good alfalfa pellets. Does she have a feed store she can go to? Many rabbit pellets that are designed for showers and breeders are fairly decent, at least better than most pet store brands if she can't get Oxbow or American Pet Diner. Protein should be 16% or less (sometimes you can find "maintenance" alfalfa pellets that have 15%) and at least 18% fiber. Purina makes some good stuff, as does Blue Seal, Manna Pro (not under the Small World brand name!!!), and many others. If the rabbit is an adult, then your friend could use the Kaytee Timothy pellets. Alfalfa pellets are not always the best option, but can still be used. Just feed even smaller amounts than you would timothy pellets, and make sure the rabbit gets lots of grass hay and plenty of greens. If she could get Oxbow, it would be my first choice.

02-26-06, 05:01 pm
The rabbit is about 8-10 months old. I told her I think katyee timothy cmplete is good.

Slap Maxwell
02-26-06, 06:51 pm
All Kaytee feeds are crap. Try Blue Seal over Kaytee.

Even though it is a *discusting* breeder's food.

02-27-06, 01:19 am
Slap Maxwell Thanks for the info on the rabbit Pellets . I found it very usefull .