View Full Version : cats and cage safety question

valerie k
02-22-06, 10:31 am
I plan on making a C&C cage this weekend. My problem could stem from also owning two cats. How do cats and guinea pigs get along? Cat #1 is old, and shows no interest in the pigs at all. Cat #2, is 10 months old... and of cource, shows interest in anything that moves.

What is my best option for safe housing for my pigs? Will the cat hurt the pigs, or will they hurt him? Will they leave each other alone? Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.

Percy's Mom
02-22-06, 10:54 am
There is a much higher chance of the cats hurting the pigs. Pigs are prey animals, and are far more likely to run away and hide. Once you have your cage put together, you can go to any home improvement store (Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.) and have them cut two lengths of closet shelving just slightly longer than your cage. Connect the two pieces to each other with cable ties on the long sides with the lip hanging over the sides wide enough to fit over the top, and you have cat proofed your cage. You might also want to get some thin velcro straps to connect the top to the cage. You can use cable ties for this part too, but you would have to cut them to remove the top.