View Full Version : Problems...to do with upgrade?

02-21-06, 10:27 am
I keep getting logged out automatically every few minutes. And I can't access the galleries since it logs me out when I get there. Is it just me or is it something to do with the upgrade?

02-21-06, 10:34 am
I haven't noticed a problem, but I think Nonamian was having a problem.

02-21-06, 11:34 am
I'll have a look at it tonight.

03-01-06, 08:58 am
It's still messing about. It logs me out after 10 minutes and I can't post comments in the galleries. It seems no matter how active I am, my time limit is 10 minutes, 15 max. I've looked about in my profile and options but nothing's amiss. :confused:

03-01-06, 09:36 am
Get the hint! You're not wanted on the forums anymore :D

03-01-06, 10:25 am
cavy-cool-crazy, I need more info as I'm not aware of anyone else having that problem.

Try logging all the way out, as in LOG OUT. Shut down your browsers. Clear your cookies. Log in again from the forum.

What browser and release level are you using? What operating system? Mac or PC?

03-01-06, 10:50 am
I had that problem it logged me out after I stopped looking at the galleries I had to log back in again.

It seems okay now, and has only done it twice.

03-02-06, 03:46 am
I'm thinking maybe someone has figured out my password, as when it logs me out my green light next to my username stays on, and my name is on the "Who's Online" list. Yet I have been logged out and I can't post. I've changed my password so I'll see if that makes any difference.

I tried doing as you said, Teresa, but it didn't work. I'm pretty sure I've got Internet Explorer 6 (although I can't be completely sure on that) and I use a PC. The operating system is Windows XP.

I'll see how it goes with the new password.

03-02-06, 03:01 pm
I am having this problem now aswell. It logs me out when I go to the gallery and every few minutes. I have done the whole log out thing clear cookies, hasnt worked. I am using Mozilla firefox.

Extra bit when I come back into the forum bit I get logged back in.