View Full Version : Cubes wanted in Malaysia

04-16-04, 06:25 am
Dear all

Can anyone please tell me where to find Neat Idea Cubes in Malaysia.

I've looked everywhere and it's near impossible to find anyone who has heard about this product before (expect for cavy lovers).

Recently I found a supplier for Fellowes (manufacturer) but I have to buy in bulk. Anyone interested to share the bulk with me please write soon before I buy a petstore cage.

Wai Leng

04-16-04, 07:59 am
hi wai leng,

i bought my multiple colors cubes from makro hypermarket. visit www.geocities.com/kennethlhm1 to hav a look.

04-18-04, 02:56 am
Thanks for the advice, I'll be heading there soon, hope they still have it though!

04-18-04, 09:02 am
I think so. I've been looking for cubes in many places but can't find them. Luckily at last found it at Makro. U can call makro for the cubes availability.