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02-16-06, 07:30 pm
Some of you may have noticed that most of the Avatars on the site look more like they belong on a quilters site then a Guinea Pig site.

It seems that the changover scrambled the avatars.

To fix the problem simply reload your avatar. That seems to be doing the trick nicely.

We will give all of you fine folks about a week to get the avatars back to normal. After that time we will delete any scrambled images. You will still get to have an avatar if it gets deleted, you'll just have to upload a new one.

02-17-06, 06:24 am
I thought it was some sort of craze (like those drawn cartoon avatars) that I missed.

02-17-06, 08:54 am
I can't upload mine now! I'm at school! *Sob*

Eh. I'll try when I get home.

Teehee. Piglet's avatar looks funny.

02-17-06, 12:01 pm
Oh no!

My computer crashed, I have a new one now; but since I drew my own avastar in paint and re sized it on my old one I dont have another copy....

Ill try re draw it again, my poor avastar :sorry:

02-17-06, 02:19 pm
I was starting to wonder about it, but uploading it again does work. Thanks for the heads up!
~Chris S.

02-17-06, 02:20 pm
Okay... scratch that. It doesn't seem to work... It looked fine when I uploaded it, but I guess it's just not gonna work.
~Chris S.

02-17-06, 02:50 pm
Mine went fine without me doing nothing earlier in the day, now it's gone crazy again. Oh well, the look pretty cool especially yours cavycrazychris :D

02-17-06, 04:33 pm
My avatar doesn't look messed to me but everybody else's does. Would someone be kind enough to let me know if mine has been affected. Knowing my luck mine is chached or something.

02-17-06, 04:36 pm
Sabriel, bad news, yours looks messed up to me, unfortunately.

02-17-06, 05:33 pm
Teresa is looking into it. Hopefully she can fix the problem.

02-17-06, 09:06 pm
Here I was brown nosing and posted a thread in general chat. Ooops! ;)

02-18-06, 07:15 pm
It still looks fine to me. So even if I re-upload how will I know if it works? For some reason all the long thin avatars like JennG's and VJ's work. Strange.

Edit: never mind, now mine is funky too. :(

02-19-06, 03:31 pm
If Teresa still has access to her old site, she can download the files and upload them here again, overwriting the corrupted files. Any changes made on this site would be overwritten.

I would think this would be something simple to fix. When she moved things over, they were likely compressed and zipped altogether.

Kinda strange though. Never saw such a thing.

02-19-06, 05:27 pm
I re-uploaded mine. I can see Jenn's and VJ's, but everyone elses it's quilty-ish.

02-20-06, 02:44 pm
My temp one *seems* to be working. I think my normal on is on my other computer.

02-20-06, 05:15 pm
Maybe it's just my browser but Sabriel, yours is just a square with 'Sabriel's Avatar' written in it. Anyone see it?

Percy's Mom
02-20-06, 05:20 pm
Actually, I'm seeing a brown piggy that looks to be driving a car and it says "Brrrm..." Very cute.

02-20-06, 06:50 pm
You tend to see them sometimes appear and then they go out of whack again. Mine seems okay to me right now, and so does everyones on this thread! But I look in other threads and only sometimes do they appear funny.

02-20-06, 07:17 pm
Yes, that's my Cute Overlaod avatar. I haven't had time to make a new one. (Oh, ok. I'll admit, my current obsession with embroidery and Ragnarok Online may have something to do with that :P )

Brrrm Brmmm! I wish my pigs did cute stuff like that. They are good at using each other as props though: http://beautiful.sorceressandswordsman.com/uploaded_images/IM000487-718560.JPG

03-28-06, 06:56 am
Just a random tip for people, if you or someone else put up their new avatar but you still can't see it press Ctrl+F5, that will force your browser to load everything from scratch instead of pulling images from the cache like it normally does. That might make the pictures show up.

03-28-06, 07:31 am
I like mine looking like a patchwork quilt. Am I wierd?
I'll have make a new avatar. It's been long overdue anyway.

03-28-06, 07:52 am
I thought I was just seeing things strange on my end!lol

Do you know why some peoples avatars look like that?

03-28-06, 01:49 pm
I like mine looking like a patchwork quilt. Am I wierd?
No, but we'd appreciate it if everyone would take down the multicolored patchwork looking avatars until they can get new images uploaded.

Do you know why some peoples avatars look like that?
They got scrambled during the original move to the new hosting company.