View Full Version : Where did my posts go?

02-16-06, 01:38 pm
Yesterday I posted a reply to my thread "Culling" in the rabbit forum and I posted a whole new thread called either "Nasty Rabbit or "Nasty Bunny", sorry I'm not sure which. I am sure they both went through because I checked them both about ten minutes later. Today I look and they are gone. Like I never even posted them. I don't know how this even happened. I'm so confused right now:sad: . Thanks, Sam.

02-16-06, 02:39 pm
The forum was changed over to a new server. All of the posts made between the inception of the change and the time the changeover was completed were lost.

Very sorry but it happened to everyone, not just you.

02-16-06, 03:24 pm
Oh okay, no prob. I didn't know about that. Thanks!

Binas Cavys
02-18-06, 03:25 pm
This is happining to me to.