View Full Version : My daughter lost her rat tonight.

02-08-06, 04:46 am
My daughter lost her rat tonight.:weepy: Curley was a hairless male rat with a great personality.
He had been battling a cold and was on 2 different antibiotics. My daughter thought he was doing much better, but when she came home tonight found him in respertory distress and turning blue.
she rushed him to the vet but he could not be saved. She has his cage mate, Harry, but is still very upset over loosing curley.
It is always so hard to lose a pet. Rest in Peace Curley. You will be greatly missed.

Percy's Mom
02-08-06, 07:18 am
Give your daughter a big hug for me. I can only imagine how devistating it must have been for her to lose her dear Curley. It sounds like she was doing everything possible for him up until the very end.

02-08-06, 09:52 am
It seems that she did her very best for Curley and I'm sure he knew how much she loved him. I send my love to your daughter.

Rest in peace Curley.

02-16-06, 01:03 pm
I am so sorry to here that your daughter lost her rat! Please tell your duaghter that I am very sorry for her loss.

03-17-06, 12:27 pm
My daughter lost her other hairless rat this morning. His name was Harry. He was 6 months old. This rat really belonged to my Granddaughter, but kept him with Curly at my daughter's apt. He was fine until yesterday when my daughter came home and found him having trouble breathing. I got off work and took him to the vet. It was discovered he had a tumor in his belly area.He just looked fat and well fed. Well this tumor was pressing up against his diaphram and he could not breathe. The vet said there was nothing we could do, he was to far gone, struggling to breathe, in pain, and very uncomfortable. I had him put down. I felt bad as we didn't know it. He showed no signs of anything until yesterday. The vet said it wouldn't of mattered when we brought him in, the tumor was to big, just very will hidden in it's placement. The hairless rats were a gift to my daughter. I suppose Harry had the tumor all along. My granddaughter is very upset as is my daughter. Harry and Curly were to go to show in tell in her kindergarden class. I am going to take Legelas instead. Our Humane Society has quite a few pocket pets up for adoption. I just don't know if it's to soon. I will have to see.

03-17-06, 12:34 pm
I am so sorry for your loss.

03-26-06, 05:56 pm
I'm so sorry for your loss. I have over forty animals that my mom and I have rescued and each time we lose one, it hurts. Remember all the good time you and your family had with them because they are true angels in my heart.