View Full Version : Will my 3 year old climb ramp?

04-04-04, 11:58 pm
I have a 3 year old and im building my first C&C cage in a couple days and I was gunna add a loft area but I am not sure if my GP will climb up a ramp. Does any one think that there may be a problem with a second story?

04-05-04, 03:13 am
not at all... they will used to climb it slowly... they enjoy going up & down

04-05-04, 09:40 am
I had a second story for my pigs and they could not have cared less!!! Sometimes they would use the ramp for a lounge, but hanging out in the "hay loft" was not something they cared for.

I think it all depends on your pig. I thought it would be cool, but they just didn't like it. Probably just b/c I liked the loft, my kids are like that too!! LOL

Anyway, try it. The worst that will happen is that your pig may think you are crazy for it.

Good luck!

04-05-04, 11:55 pm
Ya i remember that when he was young he used to climb on top of his shoebox. but was 2 1/2 years younger but you never know.