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02-02-06, 05:38 am
I want to start this thread so people can remember any beloved pets that have passed on (GPs, hamsters, dogs, cats, rats, parrots...) Any pet that you have lost but want to remember, write about them here, about their personalities, any little memories of them that you want to share.

Nala (guinea pig)
She was the sweetest, she loved to be picked up and would fall asleep on my chest as I stroked her. But at the same time she was the loudest out of the pair.
In the mornings, she would wake me up at 5am squeaking impatiently, wanting me to get up to give them their breakfast. And in the afternoon if I wasn't prompt with their veggies at four o'clock she would let me know and squeak the house down until she got what she wanted. :)

She was mischievious and always dug down to the bottom of the wood shavings so that she could pull up the newspaper underneath.

She wasn't a fan of excersise and preferred to sleep most of the day.

If she was asleep and I made a noise that woke her up, she would lift her head, grumble at me and then flop down, immediatley falling asleep again.

She always had a wet bum because she could never be bothered to get up and go to the toilet, she just did it where she was lying, but she never peed on me, she would always wait until I put her back down.

Parsley was her favourite food.

She hated having her nails cut or her hair trimmed.

If a introduced a new tunnel she would always sit in it immediatley, not letting Misty anywhre near it.

02-02-06, 06:31 am
I had a cat a few years ago. His name was Figaro. I got him when I finished my time in the military and got a place of my own, so really he was MY first pet. He was a black and white Coon Cat, a big boy. At the young age of eight he got very ill with diabetes. For three long months I took him back and forth to the vets to try and regulate his insulin (over 45 minutes one way to take him to the best vet in town). Figaro was having to spend many nights at the hospital because they could not get his insulin regulated. It came to a point I felt his quality of life was no longer there and he was suffering and had to make the HARDEST decision of my life. Figgy was put to sleep four years ago in the month of June and I miss him with all my heart.

Figgy enjoyed sleeping with me every night (hated it when I got married and he had to share the bed with another man) :)
Loved going for car rides ( I know weird for a cat)
Would sleep in my bathroom sink all the time
Loved water and would actually get in the shower
He was a very unique cat and I miss him dearly, but he is in a better place and as hard as my decision was I know I made the right one. I love you Figgy . . .

02-02-06, 08:35 am
Pikachu - Guinea Pig

I got Pikachu after I had seen Dr. Doolittle. I had him for six years. He was brown with a white strip from his forhead all the way to an arm. He was cute and would let anyone carry him. He use to like for me to take him a bath and loved to be held.

He knew what time I had to be at work and if I over slept he would wheek until I got out of bed. He would not wake me up in the weekends though.

When I would give him floor time out in the living room the first thing he would do was walk back to the bedroom. He used to lie on the bed with me and watch TV. He used to like to hide under the blankets.

When I would go to Mexico for a week he had to stay with my grandma. He did not like it and would not eat very well until I got back. When I would call home I had to talk to him too.

I loved him so much. He was my best little buddy. I about died of depression when we had to put him to sleep. My mom had to take him, I couldn't do it, I wanted them to save him, I didn't care the cost. The doctor said there was no hope, he had a tumor and even if they operated, he would most likely die during the procedure. He told my mom that the only humane thing to do was to put him to sleep.

I still miss my Pikachu. I wish I still had him with me.

02-02-06, 09:11 am
Fluff and Sniffles - hamsters

I had two hamsters a while back, they were adorable! I used to have such fun playing with them, until one day the cage wasn't properly shut, and Fluff escaped into the big world of my house, only to be found the next morningin the dining room...my cat got hold of him. My cat is a very hungry cat because, a year later, I bought Sniffles a lead thingy so he could have more exercise, but the cat got him. I still blame myself and I feel so bad about it.:weepy:

I love you Fluff and Sniffles, mummy misses you.

02-02-06, 03:01 pm
This is going to be super long, just to warn you.

Punker was a guinea pig.
We got him on Friday, February 12th 1999, around noon. Still in tears over putting down our last pig, my mom and I drove to the Pet Centre. She went right up to the cage and picked him out and picked him up and declared that this is the one we're getting. I still wanted to look at the others but she gave me no choice. He was so small he could fit into the palm of a hand, and seemed very undisturbed about being picked up by some giant. We were told that he was 6 - 8 weeks old, and I gave him January 4th as his birthday, cuz we didn't know the exact date. He cost $10, the best 10 bucks we've ever spent

He was all white on the left side with a small brown patch around his eye, and had big patches of light brown, almost orangish, on the right side. His right ear was brown and his left ear was pink. When he ran around you could see his back heels, one was brown and one was pink.]He had a pink snout and his front paws were too big for the rest of his body, as if he hadn't grown into them yet.

I gave him the name Punker because of the mohawk he was sporting when we got him. When we brought him home, I showed him around and put him down on the couch, sitting down on the ground in front of him. To my surprise, he started singing to me. I didn't expect a small baby like that to get adjusted so soon. But he did, and as I sat there crying over Pig, there was Punker singing in a voice that sounded like a broken record, as if he wasn’t quite through puberty.

When I put him in his cage he came right out of his cardboard house and went straight to his bowl. He was so small that he could fit inside it, and sometimes ate from it and peed in it at the same time (he was a pig after all :P).

Being a pig, he loved to hide, and whenever I let him out of his cage, before I could say "Punker don't..." all I could see is a little pig butt scrambling under the bed or somewhere else. He was so small he could fit under my desk and nightstand, which has an opening space of about an inch and a half, and when he got under there the only way you could get him out was to lure him with food. When he grew bigger and couldn't fit there anymore, he somehow remembered about it and chewed up my night table in an attempt to make the space bigger. Those little teeth marks are there to this day.

The first time I took him outside on the grass, he didn't know what to do with it, and kept following my feet wherever I went. But he was a fast learner. One time, he got lost in the house as a baby, and started whistling like crazy for us to find him. Apparently there was also a time when I woke up in the morning to discover that he had climbed out of his cage and was sitting happily under my desk.

I don't know when he grew up, but eventually our baby became a big hairy pig :p. We moved to our house in October, he adjusted quickly.

Punker and I had a very mutual loving relationship. I could always count on Punker whenever something bad happened. He was the one I'd cry to. Seeing him would be the first thing I would do every day when I came home.

He was a very affectionate pig, always snuggling against our necks, always giving us piggy kisses. When he ran around, you could even call him and ask for a hug, and he'd come, oinking all the way cuz he couldn't go two steps without talking, and snuggle up against your arms. Then he’d lick my nose.

Punker really thought he was people. He'd go into the fridge when he heard it open, and he'd eat basically anything we were eating, from chocolate to popsicles to tea, soup and noodles (yes I know we shouldn’t have let him). One time, he climbed into my dad’s lunchbag because he smelled the apples in it. He would also eat cardboard, tissues, sometimes even to try to eat other stuff, like my hair for example.

The cat was more scared of him than he was of the cat. Probably cuz Punker would try to scratch him with his teeth which is a polite piggy custom, except when he did Bandit's hair would come out. Or maybe he didn't realize Bandit was an animal and tried to hide in his fur, i don't know.

The funniest thing in the world was when Punker would get upset. Something would scare him or disturb him, or sometimes you'd have to pick him up when he wasn't ready to go, and he'd complain and complain and complain in this exasperated tone until you calmed him down. One time, I accidentally kneeled on his hair and when he moved it got pulled out. He got really really scared, and even did that whole thing pigs do where they open their mouth really wide to show their teeth when they're threatened. And I just scooped him up and hugged him and man you should have heard the complaining that came out of him.

Every time we put him on our stomachs he'd sing and sing, and then eventually he'd wash himself, then he'd curl up, give a noise like a sigh and fall asleep. And when he was ready to go back to his cage he'd start squirming and would run up to our necks and if we ignored him he'd nibble on it lightly.

Sometimes in the summer I'd give him a bath and a haircut and he looked like a wet rat in the water and always tried to jump out of the tub, and he hated the sound of the scissors. And then I'd wrap him up in a towel and he'd shake himself like a dog and eventually curl up, shivering, and fall asleep.

There was a couple times when I held other guinea pigs at the pet store, and when I came home he could smell them on me and would sniff at my shirt and get mad about it.

My mom used to carry him around in a small basket, and he'd only jump out when she put it on the ground, and jump back into it when he got tired. He wasn't scared of anybody or any amount of people, even the 10+ kids at Adelaine's [my sister’s] 6th b-day party.

And that was my pig. He gave me an amazing 5 and a half years with him, and I cannot begin to describe how much we all loved him. I wish I had known everything I know now and could have spoiled him as badly as my current pigs.

I miss you Punkie. May your memory live on forever.

http://photobucket.com/albums/v127/nonamian_girl/Pets/Punker/ (http://photobucket.com/albums/v127/nonamian_girl/Pets/Punker/)


02-02-06, 03:36 pm
In memory of Herman and Stinky (hamsters)
They both passed last year within a month from eachother, the vet didnt know what was wrong...

In memory of Ditto (bunny)
She passed away 2 days before Thanksgiving last year of old age, she was 9 years old

In memory of Rommy (dog)
Who was my very best friend, he passed away from cancer at the young age of 6 years

In memory of Oreo (rat)
My ex killed him, he was an awesome little friend

In memory of Nabisco (rat)
Who passed from cancer

In memory of Ratican (rat)

In memory of Nym (rat)

02-03-06, 02:18 am
:love: In Loving Memory Of :love:

Sylvester (cat) he was epiliptic (sp?) and he had a seizure and passed away under the Christmas tree.
Pharoh (cat) got hit by a car, my dad found him on the road on the way to work. Came home with his collar bawling.
Princess (cat) my mom left bathwater in the tub and the poor kitten drowned.
Rainbow (cat) I gave her away afterward because she was really violent. She had 3 stillborn kittens and one that died after 2 days.
Tumbleweed (rat) had a stroke and passed away eating a sunflower seed.
Boo (rat) died of old age.
Mini (guinea pig) died from birth complications.
Woodstock (guinea pig, one of Mini's babies) got very sick suddenly, died in my arms .
Pepsi (another Mini baby) died a few days after Woodstock did... I think from a broken heart, because they didn't even live in the same house so it's not like they spred sicknesses.
Loki (mini-hamster) crawled in the couch and I when I got him out he wasn't alive.
Bartleby (mini-hamster) woke up one day and he when I went to say good-bye he didn't wake up.
RIP sooo many fishies! Freeda, Fennel, Tiger, Garadoyse, Peach, Muffin Captain Jack Sparrow (goldfish), Mr. Beta, Bluefish, Supermonkeyball (betas), Team Scooter (4 neons), Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde (tetras) Peppercorn, Slurpy (algea eaters).

I've had so many cats that have run away or I gave away because I had too many or they fought with the other cats (we got Rainbow when she was pregnant and we couldn't take her to get her fixed because she was always pregnant or nursing. She had 3 litters and one miscarrage. Plus, we had other cats at other times that ran off) Sunny we gave away to a man that was renting a room in my house and she liked him better. A bird named Eli flew away. Out of my 12 pigs I've had in my life, I gave 2 to a friend, one to my dad and one to my mom. They are all doing great.

02-03-06, 05:50 am
I lost my first cavy, Mumu, two years ago. Her time with me was to short-she lived with me only a month, probably because of the stress of travelling from California to Virginia, with my aunt, who then gave her to me. I only got to enjoy her for a month. I remember when we would give her a piece of lettuce, she would grab it and run around the cage with it in her mouth, we called it the lettuce dance. She had seemed to be a sickly pig when I first got her, when I put her down on the ground, she would just stand around. I remember the day before she passed on was the first day she ran across the room.
I love you, Mumu, rest in peace.

Exactly a year ago this Sunday, I lost my hamster, Sugar. She was just about the sweetist hamster you could ever meet. She was brown, with a jagged white stripe going across her back. I got her when she was a tiny baby, and the first time I held her, she peed in my hand :P But hammies don't stay little for long, and within a month or two, she was a big, fat, full grown hamster. I would put her on the keyboard and she would "type" with her paws! I remember she used to stuff yogurt drops in her mouth, and then stuff something else in. When she spit it out, the yogurt would have melted around the other stuff. Near the end of her life, she got sick. She was discharging blood. We took her to the vet and were perscribed some medicine, but it didn't seem to do anything. In a few weeks, she seemed weaker and weaker. THe thing I remember most about Sugar was her death. I saw her lying on the bottom of her cage, gasping for air. Ipicked her up, and started crying. There was nothing I could do. My mom started to call the ve, but it was to late. The best hamster in the world had died in my hands. I spent the rest of the day crying.
Rest in peace, the best hamster in the world.

02-03-06, 12:09 pm
My first pig Mickey named after my college Algebra teacher (Michelle). She was only with me for 8 months. From the get go I knew she was different. She didn't wheek or anything. she loved to sit on the bed and watch me get ready for class and she would lay on her side and sleep in my lap. Still don't know what went wrong but we think a brain tumor. I had to put her down. I still miss her and when I watch my 6 girls I think about how Mickey would have loved them all:

My Liz. She was my first Jack and first female dog. She lived to be 15 and the last year of her life was on medication for Canine Cognative Dysfunctoin (doggie altzheimer's) I miss her so much and will never forget her. Because of her, when I get my own home again I will take in senior Jacks needing a home.


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