View Full Version : Question about Target and cubes

01-29-06, 04:15 pm
I went to Target.com a little while ago and I had searched for the cubes but found nothing. What department would they be in? :confused:

01-29-06, 05:35 pm
I found mine the the organization department, like with the wire shelvings and stuff like that. Did you ask anybody to help you find them?

01-29-06, 05:36 pm
I looked there online. I don't think they have them... at least online.

01-29-06, 05:42 pm
I'm not planning on shipping them, either. I live close to a Target, so I'm not sure if they really have them or not.

01-29-06, 05:43 pm
Here are some online like them, but they are not wire....

01-29-06, 05:45 pm
I just found those! They have them on the Walmart (actual cubes) but they're sold out...online at least. I have to go back to Walmart soon! *Squee!*

01-29-06, 05:49 pm
I have a Walmart nere me, and they don't have them, maybe you can call and ask them before you go so you don't have to make the trip for nothing.

01-29-06, 05:49 pm
Well I have to go to Walmart anyway to get a pop-up cube!

01-30-06, 12:52 am
my walmart doesnt carry any grids. But Target had theirs on sale. a box of 23 for 12.00. I got mine sat.

01-30-06, 12:54 pm
If you are looking for the cubes at target you must go to the furniture section. The furniture goes from cheap to very expensive. It is in the cheap build-it-yourself end. Just a plain green box with a print picture on the box.

01-30-06, 01:26 pm
None of the walmarts in my area carry grids. I checked over a 50mile radius in 4 different towns. The only place that has them is a Target connected to the mall. I wouldn't get too hopeful about finding them at a Walmart.

01-30-06, 10:21 pm
I checked the website too and didn't find them. Today we actually went into the store and they did have grids for sale. They're by the wood shelving units that you put together yourself...near the "home improvement" section.

Slap Maxwell
01-31-06, 03:22 pm
There is a section of all Organize-It items. Just ask someone to show you where they are.

02-03-06, 04:04 pm
At our Target the cubes are in the 'organizing' section not the furniture section. No matter just ask, Jackspicer, when you go. Always ask. They are where the closet shelving is and other stuff like that.