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01-28-06, 10:26 pm
I have a new GP in the house. There is an interesting (and maddening) story behind it.

Let me start out by saying that I understand why so many pets were left behind after Hurricane Katrina. I stand behind people (well most people) getting their pets back. Many people had to be rescued and their pets were denied entrance onto the buses, helecopters, boats, etc and denied entrance into the Shelters like the Superdome. Others honestly thought that they would be back in a day or two (I though I would) and that their pets would be safe.

However not all animals had owners that had their animals' best interests at heart. Some knew their animals were in terrible danger and didn't even bother protecting them at all.

C.G. (stands for CorpseGrinder--my hubby picked the name) was one of the animals left behind by an unthinking owner.

C.G.'s humans rode out the storm in their house. However, C.G. was left in an outside hutch with 2 other guinea pigs and 11 rabbits (in other hutches) to weather the storm.

Luckily they all survived the winds, rain and flying debris despite the danger. After the storm was over and their humans thought that the danger was past the humans heard that the Levees had broken and the city was flooding. They got in their car with 3 of their 4 dogs and left.

Before they left they opened the hutch doors on all of the outdoor cages but did not bother doing anything else for the 11 rabbits, 3 Gps and they even left the 1 dog they left behind outside.

Over a month later friends of mine (friends of the house and animal owner) moved into the house. What they found was horrible.

The neighborhood didn't flood but death didn't just ride in the water. The dog was dead, 1 rabbit was dead, 7 rabbits were missing, 3 rabbits were found alive but one was so sick it died soon after being found. 2 GPs died in their cages (unwilling to take the 2 foot jump to the ground that would have, perhaps, saved their lives), the other must have fallen out and was found alive in the yard.

My friends put the 2 surviving rabbits back in their hutches and went out and bought a largish petstore cage for CG and moved her inside. They have been taking very good care of the rabbits and C.G.

I offered to take C.G. home with me since she was a girl and to leave her would mean that when the owner came back she would get back the animals she left behind despite knowing that the city was flooding and having a car to get out of the city.

When I first met C.G. I gave her a quick health check. She looked great for what she had been through. She seems to be older as she looks to have cataracs. I also flipped her over quickily to sex her. No scrotum and I couldn't extrude a penis.

She had been under the care of my friends for over 2 months with no interaction with any other animals in an indoor cage so quarentine was pretty much done too.

Home she came with me. She was placed in my girls' cage with a partition. After a couple of days there was so much friendly purring and gentle interest between them that I decided for some veggie filled floortime interaction.

CG was in LOVE with my girls. She purred so loudly I was amazed. My girls did not seem at all upset by the newcomer either.

After a little while though C.G. started trying to mount my girls. At first I thought it was a dominance thing but there was no rumblestrutting, just that loud purring and C.G. kept getting more and more insistant with the attempts to mount.

I quickly pulled her out, turned her oven and tried to extrude a penis again. This time it came out! Good LORD!!! It was nearly a disaster! Thank goodness HE never managed to mount my girls.

Now I'm not sure what to do. I have no room for another permanant cage. If I keep C.G. he must be neutered and money is tight right now. Meanwhile he is banished back to the pettore cage until I can put together a temporary C&C.

So anyone want to adopt a VERY deserving Katrina survivor/sex changing Guinea Pig?

Oh yeah there are 2 rabbits that could also use homes. A female rabbit (white dwarf) who is a bit cage agressive and a sweet male (white dwarf/standard crossbreed I think)

Here is CorpseGrinder

01-28-06, 10:30 pm
He is such a cutie! I wish I could adopt a pig right now, too. Maybe someone on this site IS looking for a boar. I hope you can have him adopted. Or neutered, so you can keep him!

01-28-06, 10:33 pm
Oh man. Lou needs to get a clue and give piggers better names. First MEGABEAST, and now CorpseGrinder, what the hell is that man thinking?

It sucks that "she" turned out to really be a "he" but at least you found out now without any of the girlies getting pregnant.

Thanks for taking him and the buns in and I will keep my fingers crossed that you will find great homes for all of them.

P.S. can I have some new pics of Baby Elly Lil Ly MEGABEAST? I miss our baby.

01-28-06, 10:33 pm
Ly makes me laugh lol

01-28-06, 11:28 pm
Very cute.

01-28-06, 11:33 pm
Well VJ, I guess you got a BIG surprise, huh? I'm sorry it didn't work out that he wasn't actually a she. Maybe he was shy at first and didn't want to share? Good luck with him and I hope everything works out with either a new home or his possible neutering. He is very cute!

01-29-06, 02:16 am
If I could have him couriered to the UK I would, but I think he's been through enough! Fingers crossed you find a lovely home for him and the rabbits.

01-29-06, 09:44 am
Oh, he is so cute. I wish I could take him. I have the room, I only live in central Texas; but like you said, it is a money thing. We are down to living on my husbands Disability pay, which isn't much. Right now that is the only thing keeping me from hopping in my truck and heading for New Orleans.

01-29-06, 10:56 am
I have been looking for a male companion for my Aiden, but I just don't have the money to drive to New Orleans.

01-29-06, 11:05 am
I think I will be looking into getting him neutered so he can live with my girls. A couple of people from GuineaLynx have offered to make a donation to his neuter and so have my friends that watched over him until I could come get him. If I can get my vet to discount the rate more (he usually gives discounts for rescued/fostered animals) I may be able to get the cost down to something I can manage.

01-29-06, 11:12 am
That's awesome. I know he has a good home with you and I hope you get the money rasied!

01-29-06, 09:53 pm
He's a cutie pie!

So are you living in your home again?

My Baby Mu
01-29-06, 09:54 pm
Aww, he is so cute, but an odd name. Is he an abssinian? I want him, and I don't live that far from New Orleans. Hehe. If you can't get the money you need to post and say that.

01-29-06, 10:50 pm
He's really cute.

There are places that can help you neuter pets if you can't afford it, like The Doris Day Foundation, etc. Or maybe you could set up a PayPal account, and we could all donate? But that's only if you want to keep him. If not, I hope that you find an owner. Good luck!

01-29-06, 10:54 pm
nonamian_girl - So are you living in your home again?

Yes, I'm back in my home. I've been home since Dec 29th. It's a little rough at times but we'll muddle through.

My Baby Mu - Is he an abssinian?

I have no idea WHAT he is. Peruvian head, abyish sides, rooster butt. He's crazy looking but cute and oh-so-sweet.

I trimmed his nails today. They weren't too bad. He had a small foot spur on one foot so I trimmed that. One of his back toenails is missing. I don't know if it will grow back or not. He also has the start of bumblefoot on one back foot (he was kept in an outdoor hutch with a wire bottom). The good news is it isn't infected and is almost healed. Most of the swelling and redness is gone too. I think he will be making a full recovery.

He will be going to the vet this week for a check-up. T and several other people believe he may already be neutered as he is absolutely a male but has no visible testicles. If he's neutered then he gets to stay. At this point I hope he does. He keeps making these sad whistling sounds to the girls and gets all excited when they wheek and whistle back. He's in love and I'd hate to break up a good relationship.

My Baby Mu
01-29-06, 10:56 pm
I hope you get to keep him. I also hope the bumblefoot heals quickly.

01-30-06, 07:31 am
I hope that you can get hinm neutered or adopted and that you can get the rabbits adopted! I second Ly's name quote! (I'm assuming Lou is your husband?) I didn't know that you had a pigger named MEGABEAST! lol Anmd CorpseGrinder? :crazy: Men...

01-30-06, 02:57 pm
Baby Elly Lil Ly MEGABEAST is the daughter of my Chatty. VJ adopted her from me last year. Her hubby would only let her have Lil Ly on the condition that she would be named MEGABEAST. She is one of the only pigs that I know that has that many names. VJ's hubby is very strange when it comes to naming piggers.

Elly, C.G. looks to me like he's an Abyruvian.

01-31-06, 07:38 am
Oh man! :) Confused when you say Elly,C.G. looks to melike he's an....?

Percy's Mom
01-31-06, 07:48 am
To clear up pink's (and anyone else's) confusion on the names:

Elly = VJ
Ly = Ly
Lou = VJ's husband = wierd naming habits
MEGABEAST = Baby Elly = Lil Ly = Ly's Chatty's baby girl = proof of wierd naming habits
C.G. = new piggy = CorpseGrinder = more proof of wierd naming habits

01-31-06, 11:18 am
thats still kinda confuesing:) I want him! sorry I can't donate to get him neuterd I don't have the money all I have are fifteys in cash.:( no one will give me change!

01-31-06, 12:12 pm
I have some updates.

I have been in touch with June Booth of the Louisiana Chapter of the House Rabbit Society. The rabbits are to be taken into Best Friends' animal rescue here in New Orleans. From there they will probably be moved up north for adoption. In short, once I get them out of that yard (today or tomorrow) they are SAVED!!

CG the GP is doing great. His foot looks even better today (had the beginnings of bumblefoot). He is so sweet and friendly. I won't be able to get him into the vet until at least Thursday though. It's killing me not knowing if he's neutered or not. He is still whistling to my girls and then wheeks and popcorns when they answer him. For the 2 months before I got him my friends said that he never popcorned. I have to keep him!

I got a little more info about CG. It turns out he wasn't housed with the other GPs. He was housed with a rabbit. I guess he followed his friend out of the cage. That must be why he got out but the other two didn't even though their cage was open. I don't know if his rabbit friend (who he never should have been housed with) lived or died. All I know is that neither of the 2 surviving rabbits are the one he lived with.

01-31-06, 03:31 pm
To clear up pink's (and anyone else's) confusion on the names:

Elly = VJ
Ly = Ly
Lou = VJ's husband = wierd naming habits
MEGABEAST = Baby Elly = Lil Ly = Ly's Chatty's baby girl = proof of wierd naming habits
C.G. = new piggy = CorpseGrinder = more proof of wierd naming habits
lol Ok I get it now! Where did you get the name Elly from? VJ's actaul name?+

Percy's Mom
01-31-06, 03:59 pm
lol Ok I get it now! Where did you get the name Elly from? VJ's actaul name?+
That would be correct.

01-31-06, 04:06 pm
How much money do you need and when do you need it by? Just got a new well paid job so can donate a good amount but won't get paid till 24th feb.

Percy's Mom
01-31-06, 04:17 pm
I don't think we'll know until after CG's vet appointment on Thursday. Hopefully, VJ will find out that he has already been neutered and the cost will be minimal, i.e. just the cost of a vet visit.

My Baby Mu
01-31-06, 10:49 pm
That is what I ment to say before, abruvian. I hope you get to keep him and the vet neutering doesn't cost too much.

02-01-06, 07:30 am
Ok, I think I now have things figured out about VJ's/Ly's piggers and names! Phew!

02-01-06, 09:24 pm
For those of you interested in more details of both CG the Guinea Pig and the two rabbits, that I just got done pulling off the property, you should read the GuineaLynx thread.

Not only does it have more details but it also includes the dramatic scene I got involved in when I picked up the rabbits.


The Magic Taco
02-01-06, 10:43 pm
CorpseGrinder? CORPSEGRINDER? I'm trying not to laugh... CG is cute.

Cutie McCute Pants! He's so freakin' cute!

02-01-06, 11:07 pm
I think his nickname will be Gumbo or Biegnet (ben-yay)--I haven't made up my mind.

02-01-06, 11:27 pm
Oh, I know all about boyfriends/hubbies naming animals. One of my pigs is named Version One, after a male wrestler, when she is a she. And he named the male we gave to my mom Eddie after a wrestler the passed away shortly after the guinea's birthday. He one of our old pigs (RIP) Pepsi, because it's his favourite drink, but that one's not too bad.

Percy's Mom
02-01-06, 11:50 pm
You should definitely call him Biegnet.

02-02-06, 07:27 am
I second that! However, Gumbo is kind of cute too! On the other hand you could just call him Corpsegrinder!:crazy:

02-02-06, 12:24 pm
VJ, that post on guinea linx about the craaaaaaaaaaazy lady really made my day!Glad you got the rabbits away from her, man theres some freaked out people in this world.

02-02-06, 02:57 pm
Pamziaw-man theres some freaked out people in this world.
You got that right! So VJ what did you decide on?

My Baby Mu
02-02-06, 09:32 pm
I say put them both together, Gumbo Beignet or Beginet Gumbo.

Percy's Mom
02-02-06, 11:32 pm
How did the vet visit go VJ?

02-03-06, 07:49 am
Wow, Elly, what a story! Glad it was a happy ending for the rabbits.

My Baby Mu
02-04-06, 10:07 pm
Ya, how did the vet visit go?

02-04-06, 11:00 pm
I couldn't get him into the vet yet. There is only one exotic vet in town right now and he is only in the New Orleans area 2 days a week while another 2 days a week he is in Baton Rouge.

CG has an appointment for the 15th (the earliest I could get an appointment). I will be calling early in the mornings while the Dr. is in town to try to get him in a cancellation spot.

02-16-06, 01:27 pm
C.G. AKA Gumbo had his vet visit today. The good news is that he is in very good health now. His bumblefoot healing has the vet's thumbs-up. He is mite, fungus and lice free. In fact the vet was overall impressed with Gumbo's spunk and personality and in his general health considering the things we found out today.

Poor Gumbo it seems has been through a lot in the past. His toe that I thought had a broken nail is actually a healed, traumatic amputation, either from getting it caught in the wire floor or more likely from a fight with another animal, most likely a rabbit.

His catarac is not a catarac but is actually a huge amount of scar tissue from another traumatic injury. The vet said it was unlikely to be from a simple infection because there is so much scarring. He has almost no vision (if any) in that eye.

He also has further indications of being beat upon, most likely from the rabbit/s he was housed with. He has a tattered ear (which I noticed) and multiple other scarring, possibly from ruptured absecces that healed on their own. His poofy hair hides those scars though and overall they have not caused him any long term problems--other then the loss of vision in his left eye.

He does indeed have decended testicles. They are simply very small and my vet suspects the same cause as Salana suspected--poor nutrition early in life.

He has been scheduled for a neuter this Wednesday morning. The vet actually made a special surgery day for Gumbo so that he can get neutered and get with his girls faster. Gumbo's recsue story had the vet quite shocked. At the same time The vet is also going to neuter my rabbit Patches so that we can adopt him a girl (or boy) friend.

For those of you that were so sweetly willing to help cover the cost of Gumbo's neuter the estimated cost, with today's pre surgery check-up will be $147.00 ($50.00 for the check-up today and $97.00 for the neuter).

If anyone wanted to also help me with Patches I would be grateful. Patches total cost for the neuter will be $159.00 ($50 for today and $109 for the neuter)

Normally I wouldn't dream for asking for donations. I'm used to doing this stuff with my own money. The problem is that I am in New Orleans. Times are tough here and money is really tight right now.

Anyone who donates at least $10.00 will be getting a present from me. Your choice of a hand crocheted cuddle cup, tube, or pillow or a Booboo Bunny or Cut Cavy (an egg sized animal shaped holder that you put an ice cube in and kids can then hold on a booboo to comfort them and help kiss the owies away (all machine washable).

Or I can send you some of my homemade incense, a mojo bag or bottle, fragrance oil or something else from my online store http://thejukejoint.com/sculelvoodjo.html (http://thejukejoint.com/sculelvoodjo.html)
Yes I have a wierd job but it pays the bills.

I have a paypal account [email protected] ([email protected]) Please make sure I have your address and what you would like so I can send it to you.

Slap Maxwell
02-16-06, 02:16 pm

I emailed you about donating. Just let me know.

02-16-06, 02:36 pm
Thank You Slap. I emailed you back.

02-16-06, 02:40 pm
I'd like to donate too, never done it by paypal though so how do you do it? Will be able to send it to you by friday after next.

02-16-06, 03:18 pm
Go to http://paypal.com and sign up.

I can also take Credit Cards as I have a home business. Don't worry our site is safe and I am trustworthy.

I have set up a page to take donations by Credit Card.

I can also take checks or Money Orders. Just email me or Pm me for my address.
[email protected]

02-16-06, 09:22 pm

Gumbo's surgery is now paid for!

I am blown away at the sheer volume of donations I received in such a short time! You people have made me cry more today then I have in, well, since 2 days ago <snicker, sniffle>

If anyone still wishes to donate, Patches the rabbit still has his surgery to look forward to. He's not a Katrina rescue but neutering him means I can adopt one (or two, don't tell hubby)of the Katrina rabbits still down here in foster homes. I just want to be totally honest about what the money will be used for if I receive any more donations.

Percy's Mom
02-17-06, 10:03 am
That is so AWESOME about having Gumbo's surgery paid for already! Except my donation for Patches shortly!

Are you going to name your Katrina bunnies Beignet and CDM?

02-17-06, 10:19 am
Most likely My hubby will give them awful, official names like ThroatSlasher and SoulEater and I will then have to work from there to think up better names.

I haven't even pondered any names yet since I haven't even seen the rabbits yet.

I hope I manage to find a "problem" rabbit. I love nothing more then bringing around a rabbit that has issues and teaching it to love. I so wish I didn't have to rehome Fonza the rabbit I rescued just before the storm. She had made such progress in just a few days and really was the sweetest girl with the most evil expression. I miss her terribly but I know that rehoming her was best for her. She really took a turn for the worst because of the evacuation.

If only we had had more time together she would have relied on me instead of blamed me. My relationship with Patches is stronger then ever because he already knew I would protect him. Fonza still hadn't realized that I would never harm her and she lost trust. I hear she is doing very well in her new home though. She has settled down again and is the joy of her human's life.