View Full Version : R.I.P Carl

01-28-06, 05:39 pm
On January 20 2006 I bought a guinea pig. The day after that I bought another. One the sixth day of the first guinea pigs purchase (Carl) I noticed his paw was curled up but he acted normal, so with that I continued my usuall routine. The next day he layed in the same spot. My mom took him to the petstore to see what was wrong with him. I didn't go. At the petstore Carl died. My mom said he slid on his foot gasped for air and died. So now I just want to say Rest In Peace Carl I love you.

01-28-06, 05:58 pm
Oh man. I'm so sorry.

Binas Cavys
01-28-06, 06:06 pm
I am so sorry for your lost. *Teddy Bear Hug*

01-28-06, 09:34 pm
Ohhhh, so sad! Poor little Carl! Poor sad you!

If and when you want another, I hope you'll look at your local animal shelters (or cavy rescues, if there are any in your area). They often get guinea pigs in, and usually the piggies get better care there than they do at pet stores.

01-28-06, 09:44 pm
I'm sorry for your loss, guinea. I'd hate to lose one of my piggies. *hug*

01-28-06, 09:51 pm
I'm sorry. You should try to find a good cavy/exotics vet near you and read up at www.guinealynx.info (http://www.guinealynx.info)

I wouldn't rely on the pet store for anything esp. medical advice.