View Full Version : Litter training... is that possible?

01-28-06, 09:34 am
Hi, just wondering... is it possible to litter train my piggie? he seems to poo and pee all over the cage (and the floor in floor time) :sick:.

On the good side, he doesn't stink as i thougth he would (i had the idea cavies would smell like hamnsters... man i was wrong! ;))

Finall question... can i feed him with mint leaves, basil or other aromatic herbs?


01-28-06, 10:17 am
I was also wondering how to litter train them but I don't know how, sorry

smileyface cavy
01-28-06, 11:08 am
See my thread: http://cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5510