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01-25-06, 02:42 pm

I would like to introduce myself (Yvonne) and my 2 adopted piggies. I adopted 2 males from the local SPCA they are about 5 months old now. I tried to confince my husband for months to let me get some pigs but he was not giving in. When both my daughter (6) and I told him the only thing we wanted for Christmas was some piggies he finally gave in. He actually went to the pet store and bought two set ups. One for each pig. I am glad he talked to me before the big day, so he could return the cages. He went and bought the materials for a C&C cage and I had a great Christmas :) . Santa does not bring real animals, so a week after Christmas we found the perfect pigs at the shelter. My daughter wanted a smooth hair and I really wanted abyssinian .

I think part of the reason I am trying to be a perfect pig mom (getting the right cage, food, lots of vegetables and hay) and that I wanted a abyssinian, is to make up for the things I did wrong when I was a kid. I had 1 very lonely piggie when I was a kid and was the only person taking care of him. He did not have such a great life. Always outside and not much attention after the initial few weeks.

Anyway long story but thank you all for all the great advice and info. I am trying hard to teach my kids the right way to take care of animals, but I have noticed already a diminison interest from my 6 yr old. Luckly I am the one that really wanted this guys.

Percy's Mom
01-25-06, 03:56 pm
Congratulations on your new furry family! Sounds like you're already off to a great start. What are the boys' names? We can't wait to see pigtures of your little guys and their cage!

Herbie Girl
01-25-06, 04:03 pm
Welcome!!! We would love to see pics!!


01-25-06, 04:19 pm
The boys names are Midnight and PJ. They came with the name and it stuck. I have attached some pictures I just took. I also just swept out their cage about a hour before the picture. I know hard to believe from the looks of it.

I am still trying to figure the whole bedding thing out. Started with care fresh and liked it but boy does it add up with these big cages. I am now using kiln dried pine with fleece over it. The fleece looks dirty so fast eventhough I am washing it every 2 days.

01-25-06, 04:39 pm
Well, I tried to upload the pictures but it didn't work. The pictures are too big. My husband is more computer savy so I will have to wait until he gets home. I do have the picture from the shelters website.