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01-22-06, 07:21 pm
I've had Pinkerton since I found him abandoned on a country road in October. I just adopted Webster three weeks ago from an animal shelter, and he's been living in Pinker's old cage while Pinker has occupied the big C&C cage. Pinker is a happy little boy who loves getting attention, while Webster was the victim of social neglect, and is very shy, so we've been working on socializing him before making introductions.

As of yesterday, formal introductions between our two boys have begun!

I cleaned out the big C&C cage and scrubbed it with vinegar, then put a divider down the middle. We put Webster in the bathtub and washed him down with Bunny Bath, then put Pinkerton in with him and washed him down, too. The boys kind of nudged at one another, but they were more interested in waddling around in the water. After pulling them out and towling them off until they were dry, we put them in the cage, one on each side of the divider, and gave them each a nice big pile of fresh grass and salad stuff piled right up against the divider so they'd have something fun to do while they sized each other up. After they mowed down their green stuff, they got right down to rumble-strutting and biting at the wires of the divider.

Today they're both kind of nervous, though Webster is spending more time outside of his shelter than he usually does, because he wants to keep an eye on that other guy. Pinkerton purrs nervously when I pet him. He's interested in his buddy, but unsure, since Webster seems more aggressive than he is.

I'll leave things this way until they seem to be more used to one another, then take the divider down and let them sort out the territorial thing themselves.

01-22-06, 08:49 pm
How exciting. Looking forward to hearing updates.

01-22-06, 08:58 pm
When you remove the divider, you need to clean out the cage thoroughly and rearrange everything, or else they will each have their side of the cage and will defend their territory. The cage needs to be completely neutral.

01-22-06, 09:53 pm
Congrats on your new piggie. Can't wait to see pigtures. I agree with RNCL about cleaning the cage out again.

01-24-06, 11:42 pm
Clean cage, rearrange -- okee. They're still checking one another out, but biting the wires less. Webster was the more aggressive one, but Pinkerton has been rumble-strutting right back at him, especially if I try to pet Webster. Jealous boy! I'll give them more time, though. I still put their salads by the divider so that they eat together, in the hopes that shared meals will help them associate each other with something pleasant.