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03-27-04, 07:22 am
I have seen several pictures of hammocks on this site. I have just a few questions about them, please.

First, where do you purchase one. I haven't seen them in pet stores except for the kind for reptiles? Also, once ready to install, how high do you put it? I don't want my little piggies falling out, or unable to get in it at all!

Any help is appreciated!

03-27-04, 11:19 pm
I just bought a hammock this week. I found it at a local pet store, but I have seen them at Petsmart before. In fact, I'm sure you could find it on their website. They're probably under the ferret section. Hang the hammock a little bit above the bedding. My pigs could honestly care about going in the hammock. However, they do seem to like hiding under it. At least I tried lol!

03-29-04, 02:08 pm
My two boys are very cute. They use the hammock like a swing. The baby gets in and the big one runs back and forth underneath it to make it swing. My adult likes it a little higher than it is (hard to run under) but the baby has a hard time getting up.

Just experiment. Also, we keep our at the end of the cage. We consider the front to be the side facing the rest of the cage. We keep the fron a little lower than the back.

Hope this helps.

03-30-04, 09:52 am
I put my hammock very close to the ground and they seem to love it. When it was higher up they wouldn't get on it.
I have one for them to sleep on and the other was I put hay on it and they get on top of the hay and go to town munching.

You can find them at Petsmart for around 12.99 and have different patterns to choose from.

03-30-04, 10:35 am
I found mine at a local pet store for $6.99. They had smaller ones for $5.99. It's the same brand at the ones sold as Petsmart. I can't figure out why the local store was cheaper, considering they're usually much higher on everything.

03-30-04, 12:51 pm
i got 2 off ebay. i dont know how much they were cause I didnt buy them lol one of my friends gave them to me

04-01-04, 12:49 am
Mine is a do-it-yourself hammock using a coffee pot. I spent less than 5 Euros (4 $) and 10 minutes to make it.

A picture of it is in my photo gallery:


04-01-04, 07:10 am
That's cool, but it's a not a coffee pot, it's a pot holder! LOL Don't feel like I'm poking fun at you, please. I'm not. If I ever tried anything in Italian it would be so wrong no one would know what I was talking about!!!

Your hammock design looks really simple, thank you so much!

Have a great day,

04-01-04, 07:16 am

Actually I knew that that was a pot holder, but in my mind I automatically link "pot" to "coffee" LOL

Anyway, why not trying a coffee pot as a house ? LOL

Talking about coffee...needless to say that "Italians do it better" that as well LOL


04-01-04, 08:12 am
I'm glad that I did not come across offensive to you. :)

But now all this talk about coffee has made me need to go make a pot (holder, lol)

Thanks for the laughs this morning, have a great day!!!