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01-18-06, 11:23 am
Hi all!

I was wondering this may sound silly but if I eat at Mc donalds e.t.c and only eat their salads/vegetarian products will I still be contributing to a company that is one of the largest distrubitors of meat world wide?

Wont my money go towards them buying more meat products for their burgers? Thus I am supporting the meat industry?

It may sound silly I just want clarification on what I should be doing.

Percy's Mom
01-18-06, 11:55 am
Of course you'll still be supporting the meat industry. They don't put the money from salad sales back to vegetables and the money from Big Macs into meat. However, based on that same logic, if you're concerned about not supporting the meat industry by buying your food in a place that also sells meat, the only thing you should probably eat is food that you grow yourself. Any restaurant, fast food chain, or grocery store puts the money they earn back into stocking the entire place, so if they sell meat or meat byproducts, and you buy your fruit, veggies, breads, grains, whatever there, you're putting money into the meat industry.

01-18-06, 03:59 pm
After watching the film "Super Size Me"..... I cannot bring myself to even stop in their parking lot. I know the film should have been listed as a drama documentary , but there was enough clarity in that film that was very sobering.

My silly "Emotions" aside.
There are tons of fast food places that a person can go to to get a veg meal. You just have to watch out for those nasty "salad dressings" and such that they sneak in on the side.

And "Ditto" to what Elizabeth posted above.

01-18-06, 04:40 pm
Thankyou so much!

I dont go to Mc donalds at all really I mostly go to red rooster but didnt know if you would recognise that name. It might be an Australian based fast food chain not sure.

I wont go to any more fast food places, it is okay to go to the supermarket though? I cant grow my own produce and food... so I dont know where I would get all my food! lol

Also is it okay to go to a fast food chain that doesnt sell meat as much? I know they will sell meat but is subway okay?

Thankyou again for your help.

Percy's Mom
01-18-06, 04:48 pm
I really don't see a difference. If a store sells meat, part of the money you give them goes to buy more meat to sell. It's up to you where you shop, but unless you find a vegetarian store, part of your money is going to go to the meat industry.

01-18-06, 04:51 pm
OMG... I used to *love* Mc Donalds french fries... That one was a tuffy for me.

As far as shopping at certain stores?
(Just my opinion, K?)
That is a personal or individual thing. We each need to do what is right for us in our own measure of time.

01-18-06, 04:58 pm
WHy did you have to bring up the french fries? I havent had them in SOOO long and they sound really good lol

01-19-06, 06:05 am
Hmm, thankyou for that!

I dont know any vegetarian stores... Australia isnt really ''big'' on vegetarianism. Every supermarket in my area sells meat, and every restaurant that ive been to has meat.

I have to eat... I do get vegetables from a grocery store that doesnt have meat but I do need to buy cereals, rice e.t.c from the supermarket.

I dont want to support the meat industry but in the meantime is it okay that I shop at the supermarket? I dont have any options that I can think of since I cant find any other places in my area.:sorry:

Any sugestions would be great!

01-19-06, 06:59 am
Hi Fluffball, I'm near Melbourne and there are lots of alternatives to shopping for food if you don't want to support the big supermarket chains. We get all our fruit and veg from the local green grocers - they don't sell anything else! As far as grains, rice, pasta etc. most good health food shops stock a large range and usually organic varieties as well. You can also get dairy products ie milk, cheeses etc. from your health food store as well. Good Luck!!

01-19-06, 03:59 pm
Wow thanks honeysmum!

Is the health food store more expensive? Im a student and dont get that much money to buy food as it is. Ill try some stores and see what I can find I never thought of that idea!

Thankyou so much again! Now ill feel much happier when I eat my food knowing my money isnt going down the drain. Ill keep you all updated on how it goes thankyou again!

01-20-06, 05:11 pm
I have a health-food store near me too. They do sell meat, but everything is organic & all of their animals are from small free-range farms.

I can't afford to shop there all the time. They're about 1 1/2 times as expensive as my regular grocery store. But they sell several things that I just can't get anywhere else. And I do feel better about spending money here rather than somewhere else, because I KNOW that the money is going somewhere I would like to support!

Fast-food for vegetarians? I am just now finding out how difficult it is to eat ANYWHERE as a vegetarian! If there's no meat in a meal, it seems that the restaurants feel they need to smother it in cheese. However I have found that Quiznos has great veggie sandwiches :) That's about it other than The Good Earth... and anywhere with oriental food.