View Full Version : Skinny/Baldwin Pigs ?

i love piggies
01-16-06, 10:28 pm
Just out of curiosity does anyone know if Skinny/Baldwin Pigs are available in Australia?
I have never seen or heard of any here.

01-16-06, 11:05 pm
Hey there,

There have been a couple found in Australia that I have seen photos of although they're not bred in Australia like overseas these were " accidental " findings. These two that I heard of, one of the pigs died within only a few months of age apparently. The other from the other person is still alive and i think is over 2 years old now and I have seen this pig in person the owner came up interstate and I got to see the pig....Skinny's just seem so
" wrong " to me personally I'm against the fact that some people are deliberately breeding them but that's just my opinion.


01-16-06, 11:14 pm
Hey Again,

Here's a couple of pics i have of one of them. Basically this pig just kept losing it's hair it is now bald. These pics were taken when some hair was still there.


i love piggies
01-17-06, 05:31 pm
Its very "odd" looking, but cute in a way. It looks like a ballerina.