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01-13-06, 09:19 pm
Woot! I decided to start my own thread about my guinea pigs. This is where I'll post all of my updates and such so that the updates don't get all spread out and hard to piece together. So if you want to hear about my guinea pigs, come here! I'll start new threads for emergencies that need attention immediately, but all the other stuff will stay here.

First, I'll tell a little bit about my setup. I have just finished building a 2x6 C&C cage with a 1x2 loft. My dad helped a ton, and for that I am forever grateful. I would have lost patience a long time ago, but he just kept working at it (I'm talking mainly about the ramp... the cage itself wasn't so hard). I'll post pictures as soon as I'm done writing this, so they'll be up.

Now to talk about my cavies, and here's where I could go on forever! I am getting sisters from a friend. The mother piggie was a classroom pet, and she was miserable. The teacher later found out that she was pregnant. My friend kindly insisted that she take over the mother's care from then on. The babies were born on Winston Churchill's birthday. I'm so excited to get my bundles of fur! They'll be coming over this weekend. I'll be sure to make plenty of pigtures available. The sisters are Abysinnians, one is solid black and the other is black with a splotch or two of orange-red. The black one will be named Stella, and the other will be named Caitra. My sister came up with 'Caitra'... I'm not sure that I'm fond of it... but it's only fair since I named Stella and we're both taking care of them. Anyway, I think I've done enough talking (or typing) for a while. I'll shutup... hopefully you'll make it through all of this text and still have questions for me, because I'll be waiting for them. lol

Eo is my screename's nickname, it's rather sad that I have a nickname for my nickname... but that's the way it worked out. I was dubbed Eo by some friends on a forum. Eolith is also the name of my goddess in my story, but I needn't get into that...

01-13-06, 09:30 pm
Woot! I decided to start my own thread about my guinea pigs. This is where I'll post all of my updates and such so that the updates don't get all spread out and hard to piece together. So if you want to hear about my guinea pigs, come here! I'll start new threads for emergencies that need attention immediately, but all the other stuff will stay here.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! You make my job so easy, now if everyone else would do the same, I would be one extremely happy camper! If you have a true medical emergency though, it's better to not post but go immediately to the vet.

01-13-06, 09:42 pm
When I said 'emergencies' I didn't mean life-threatening ones... more like stupid questions that I need answers to ASAP before I do something idiodic.

01-13-06, 09:49 pm
Gotcha Eo.

01-13-06, 10:45 pm
Very interesting! Be sure to share pics of Stella and Caitra. By the way, how do you pronounce Caitra?

Hehe, I think that's the first time I ask how someone pronounces a name. Usually I'm the one telling others how to say my name.

01-13-06, 11:02 pm
Hmm... how to type it... kai-tra? The 'kai' sounds similar to the way one would say kite and the 'tra' is similar to how one would say track... but obviously without the extra letters... hehe.

01-14-06, 12:10 am
Ah, okay. I got it.:)

01-14-06, 08:24 am
I'm so jittery. We're going to get the guinea pigs soon and I absolutely cannot wait! We might get them today, but it's more likely that we'll get them tomorrow. That reminds me, I have a question. I know that it's better to let them adjust to life in the new cage, but should I start giving them their floor time from the start or wait until they've settled in some?

01-14-06, 09:44 am
I would wait until they have settled in a bit. Maybe a day or so. It depends on the piggies personalities. If they are very shy then let them adjust for a while.
That's what i would do anyway.


01-14-06, 09:52 am
Yes, wait a day or two. If they're still pretty skittish wait another day. You'll want to stay out of the room and maybe leave the light off for a few hours after you bring them home to make sure they settle in nicely. Try scattering a chunk or two of carrot and a bit of lettuce or other veggies in their cage to encourage them to explore.

01-14-06, 12:35 pm
Good Plan. ;) I'm excited. When I went to visit them, I could tell immediately who was the dominant and bold one: Stella. Caitra was following her all over the place. They are nearly inseperable.

We were all sitting on the couch and it seemed like I was the gathering place. A few times, I had mom and babies all to myself... of course that meant that I also got quite a bit of poo and even some puddles on me. Oh well, what can you say? Their cuteness more than made up for it.

01-14-06, 12:41 pm
Great idea for a thread. I have done the same thing on some other forums and have been meaning to start one up here too.

Stella and Caitra are beautiful names for piggies. Congrats.

01-15-06, 02:10 pm
I could scream right now. My friend's close acquaintance has fallen seriously ill and is in the hospital. She can't let me have the guinea pigs until next week. I'm going to start ripping out my hair if I have to wait much longer. I have everything set. All the toys, the cage, the bedding, the food, the hay. Everything. All I need are the cavies! Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all mad at my friend. I understand the circumstances, and I hope that things get better... I'm just extremely dissappointed.

Also, she wants to bring the whole guinea pig family to my house so that the mom cavy can see her daughters' new home. I hope that she doesn't get worried or defensive over things like the mineral lick being absent and other little unneeded things. I don't think that she's come here, and she's very defensive about 'the way' that she does things. I would try to educated her, but her cavies are happy enough as is. She still has them in a big cage, and she probably has more actual experience than I do.

01-16-06, 06:12 pm
This is getting extremely frustrating. :headache: I've been waiting and preparing for nearly a month! I've got everything, right down to the exact pellet brand needed. It's always going to be this day, or that weekend, and somehow it always falls through. This is really stressing me out. I keep getting my hopes up only to have them brutally crushed again.

I doubt that anyone will actually read this in any case. My non-exsistant cavies hold little interest for you, and since you already know what's in this thread, you don't want to bother with it any more. It's understandable. I'll just keep posting my updates as they come...

I just needed to vent. :ashamed:

01-18-06, 07:22 pm
Gah. I want this week to be over. My brain is working overtime. I have finals this week, and it's driving me perfectly insane... I don't even have any guinea pigs around to take away some of the stress. I guess I was right when I predicted that no one wanted to read this any more. Maybe someday someone will have the patience to read all of this. I'll just keep posting in my thread. It was nearly impossible to find it this time, I had to go back a few pages. Only one more day of tests... only four more hours... I hope can survive. I have Friday off, thank goodness! My plans are to turn into a vegetable! I don't want to have to think about anything!... except maybe whether or not I'll get my cavies...

By the way, we decided that 'Addie' would be a better name than 'Caitra', but it's still prone to change. I do like the way Addie sounds though...

Percy's Mom
01-18-06, 07:24 pm
Just make sure you don't turn into a vegetable once you HAVE your cavies! You might get nibbled. ;)

01-18-06, 07:58 pm
I wouldn't worry too much about floor time, I have three in a 5x3 with a 1.5x2.3 wing. One of mine was accidently bred, and lived in a small pet store cage with only pellets. She LOVES her c and c, and when I put her out with the others, she chews on the bars to get back in until I let her. If I take a grid out of the side, she will jump the coroplast to get back in. I usually just leave her in there and make sure that the edges of the cage are always clear of hidey houses, etc, and the 5x3 section is large enough for her to run laps. Normally she will come over and eat out of my hand, but when I've already got the others out, she really tries hard to get away. I really think she knows what's coming!

My others love floortime, pulling up the sheet and shower curtains from under the grids and then peeing on the floor is one of their favorite past times.

01-20-06, 11:36 pm
I got my beautiful cavies!!! WOOT! Ahem. Anyway, I have about a thousand things to say. I didn't end up getting the two 'sisters' I thought I was getting. Turns out that two of the babies are now pretty obviously male. They're two months old and they've been with mommy and sister the entire time. I know. Bad. I feel partially guilty because I knew that they were supposed to be separated at three weeks, but our friend checked them and checked them and she was almost certain that they were all female, so I didn't mention it.

I have the two males now. They are absolute cuties, and I'm hoping that they'll get along alright, apparently they've been in a few scuffles in the past. Obviously, the names Stella and Caitra aren't really going to work any more, so I've got to find some new ones. We are considering naming one of them Winston (Winny for short) since they were born on his birthday and he was known as Winny when he was young.

Our friends are coming over tomorrow morning to make sure that all is well and that they are alright... I hope they just don't find any flaws with my cage setup.

01-21-06, 09:36 am
Congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear what other name you've come up with! Please don't worry about your friends and their perception of your set-up. I'm sure it is INCREDIBLE and if they say ANYTHING, it will be out of feeling inferior because they don't/haven't provided the same for their pigs. :)

01-21-06, 10:05 am
Awww! Thats so great you fineally got them... although they weren't the ones you thought they were gonna be. Keep us posted!~

01-21-06, 04:27 pm
The previous owners loved the cage setup. I was very proud. They were very interested in building one for themselves, and they even admitted that they feel like novices compared to all that I've been telling them. I'll try to take some pictures this evening, but I don't want to scare them too badly.

The boys really perked up when their mom and sister came to visit (our friends brought them too). They were really zooming around and exploring everything. We're thinking of naming the nameless one Jazz because of his cool coat colors... but it's still in question. You'll have to tell me if you think it suits or not when you see the pictures.

They're both pretty independent. Even after they had first gotten here and were scared, they didn't want to snuggle together and keep eachother company. One of them wants to stay in the wooden house, and the other one wants to stay in his straw hide away.

01-22-06, 03:40 pm
Here's our pigture of the new boys! I think that the name Jazz has definitely begun to stick to the spotted one. The black one is Winnie. They still have some growing to do, and they still have super-soft baby fur.


They've really taken to their cage. They run around all the time. They're like little rockets taking off. It's fun to watch! Jazz has naturally red eyes, but they don't look quite that bright red.

01-22-06, 03:43 pm
Your boys are so cute. I love Jazz but man, black nails are hard to trim.

01-22-06, 03:51 pm
Don't even remind me! I'm dreading it. Actually, Winnie has three white toes on one of his hind feet... but I'll still have 11 more black nails to trim. But I've had experience in the field of black nail trimming. As you can see, my first piggie (the one in the avatar) had lots of black on him.

01-23-06, 09:26 am
OK, now I have to know...what is the deal with black nails? I have my first set of piggies and one of them has black front feet, white back feet. Should I be expecting something difficult? How often do you trim your kids nails?

01-23-06, 05:22 pm
You have to be extremely careful not to cut to the quick, because that's painful for them. You can see where the quick ends on guinea pigs with lighter nails, but the ones with black or dark nails are difficult to cut without fear of catching the quick. Some say it helps to hold a flashlight under the nails, but it is physically impossible to be able to hold the cavy, the flashlight, and the nail clippers all at the same time unless you have someone helping... and even then it isn't exceedingly easy. The guinea pigs' nails should be trimmed monthly if that's what you meant about 'trimming your kid's nails'. I don't have any human kids, but my assumption is that most parents trim their kid's nails when they see that they are getting too long. ;)

01-23-06, 06:31 pm
Yes, thats what I meant, thank you : ) I will be nervous trimming the black ones nails the first time.

01-23-06, 07:15 pm
You may want to go to the vet the first time and have him or her show you how much to clip off and share other tips. After that you should have a better idea of what to do.

01-24-06, 01:23 am
Eolith, they're so adorable and yep... I definitely feel for you on the whole black nails thing! Mine has black nails on one leg and clear/white on the others. It's quite stressful, that I just bring mine to the vet. ><

01-24-06, 08:40 am
I sincerely doubt that my parents would ever drive me to the vet for something as trivial as a nail-clipping... well at least it's trivial in their opinion... kind of. Anyway, I pretty much gotta get good at it quick. I'll start off cutting very small amounts frequently.

01-24-06, 04:32 pm
I have a question. Jazz hangs out in the upper floor alot, where all the hay is. I rarely ever see Winnie up there. Do you think he's getting enough hay? I don't think Jazz would drive him away, but could he just be afraid of going up the ramp? I keep telling myself that Winnie'll know what to do with himself, and that if he feels that he really needs hay he'll get it. Is this a correct assumption?

01-24-06, 06:06 pm
Put some downstairs just in case, or on the ramps so he'll progressively follow the hay up to the loft.

01-30-06, 05:29 pm
It's been a while since I updated this. Anyway, I've discovered that Winnie is perfectly fine with going up and down the ramp, I just never chanced to see him for a little while there... or he just recently figured it out. In any case, problem solved. ;)

Their cage is an absolute bear to clean out. I think I may be putting in too much bedding, but I want it to be nice and comfy for them. I'll be getting fleece soon anyway, so I think I'll survive cleaning out all the bedding for another week or two. Only thing is, my dad is starting to shy from the idea of 'contaminating' the washer with guinea pig excrement, but I tried my hardest to assure him that it would only be pee because we'd remove the poos, and that most of the pee would have soaked into the newspaper anyway.

I'm going to begin my first cavy nail-cutting endeavor tonight, so wish me luck! To start with, I'm only going to cut off very small amounts, and I'll clip Jazz's nails before attempting Winnie's wonderfully black nails...

02-04-06, 01:06 pm
I've been floating around craigslist for a little while lately. It's depressing seeing all of the guinea pigs that are being given away for free. I wish I could adopt them all. One person was even talking about how of their guinea pigs had crusty skin but that it didn't make any difference and they were also willing to give the cavies to a large snake owner! It's disgusting.

I've been having water bottle troubles lately. I have three water bottles but two leak continuously and the other one is spring loaded so I'm afraid that the ball is too firm for them to get water out of it. Any suggestions on a good brand?

02-04-06, 01:47 pm
There is a great thread on water bottles over on accessories. Its all about folks fav brands and what their pigs prefer.

02-04-06, 04:50 pm
Alright, I'll be sure to look that up. In the mean time, does anyone have any suggestions for finding a good caretaker? My family and I will be away from home for about four to five days in April.

02-20-06, 01:15 pm
I feel really bad. The heat went out last night, but I never really woke up until the morning... when I realized that it was really cold. My poor guinea pigs were freezing their buns off the entire time. I put a heater next to their cage ASAP, but I'm not sure that it's warming them up enough. I know that they aren't about to freeze to death, but I want them to be comfortable.

02-24-06, 09:12 pm
Well, I can see that no one is really interested in my piggies... Oh well. I will continue to post about them nonetheless.

We got our heat back. I'm just as happy as they must have been... but they didn't have it so bad because I put one of our only heaters beside their cage 24/7 until we got a new furnace.

You know what's really exciting for the cavies and myself? I just got my fleece from SlapMaxwell. It's beautiful, it's easy, it's soft, and my darlings were popcorning all over the place! I've never seen them jump and run that much. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :D

02-25-06, 12:22 am
I love reading about your piggies. And they are so cute. Good luck with the nail trimming, one of my piggies nails are dark brown all four feet. I have never clicked too short, and I hope I never do.

02-25-06, 08:40 am
Hmm? I swore I posted a response on here last night but it's not here. That crazy twilight zone but be going into effect.

Man I'm glad you got your furnace fixed, not only for the piggies but for yourself. I would've done the same thing and put my one & only heater by their cage, too. The things we do for our piggies.

03-27-06, 09:59 pm
My piggies are so much bigger now! They're still small for cavies... I think, but their mom was the same way. They're otherwise plump and happy, though I have been very careful not to give too much. :D

There's not a ton to report. My sister is the official cavy charmer. She can get them all stretched out and half-asleep in her lap in just a few moments, even when they're together. If they're together on my lap, they just crawl all over each other and talk to eachother ceaselessly.

03-27-06, 11:12 pm
I can only get Lily to close her eyes. The others are too busy looking around. But none of them will sit in my lap. They are up by
my neck, don't know why, but I love it and then I can really hear their little squeaks.