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01-11-06, 01:59 pm
I have a Dalmatian, called Bekha, who is completely in love with people. She is such an affectionate thing and if she sees me with a guinea pig she will get jealous and start whining at me to stroke her instead. I can let the guinea pigs out at floortime and she will either ignore them or follow them so she can eat their droppings.:yuck: She is fine with them and is always at my side when I clean their cages, picking up the pellets and poops if I drop any. She is the same with the hedgehog.

The cat is the queen to her aswell, she respects her and as the cat has been in this house longer, she's treated as the boss. When Bekha went for a walk a few years back, her mum(no longer with us:weepy: ) was attacked by another dog and Bekha stepped in to protect her and got hurt. Ever since, she has been very wary of other dogs. She always wants to protect us during walkies. She is like that with other cats too, the only cat she wouldn't try and chase is Mitzy. Any animal she doesn't recognise as ours, she hates.

What is your dog like? Bekha treats all the pets in our house as part of the family but won't get on with any animal she doesn't know. I have fourteen guinea pigs and she recognises each of their smells. I was thinking of getting a rabbit some time but the only rabbits Bekha has ever known is the wild ones she spots out at walkies. I think she'd hurt it.:sad:

01-11-06, 05:15 pm
Your dog and cat are gorgeous, I love dalmations!

01-12-06, 05:09 pm
My old dog Max, who we had to put to sleep a little ago, was generally ok with animals. He never really had any other companions in the house besides fish, which are easy enough to get along with.
The only other animals he experienced before he died were my chickens, which he started stalking and trying to catch, but he was old and too slow to get them. He LOVED other dogs, and would go up to them to say a proper hello everytime, even if they didn't want him too.
I live in the countryside, so we let him out when he needed to go and that's how he got his exercise. He chased rabbits once and a while, and once got bit by something, we don't know what, but it healed...
I think it's perfectly natural for your dog to act like this, she's certainly better than some dogs I know. *cough*
But about the rabbit - as long as she couldn't get to it at first, I think she'll get to know it and treat it the same as the other animals.

01-12-06, 08:08 pm
What a cute picture! If you are thinking of getting a rabbit you should check out www.Rabbit.org (http://www.Rabbit.org). There are so many wonderful rabbits just waiting to be adopted!

01-12-06, 08:51 pm
Your dal and cat's relationship reminds me of my Lab, Brown, and one of my cats, Charlie. Brown is a big fan of other animals. He thinks everyone wants to love him and to play with him. He's always excited to make new friends and is great with everyone in the house. Brown actually raised Charlie when we brought him home at 10 weeks of age. He obsessed over the kitten, cleaned him, carried him, etc. Charlie is going to be two years old this year, and Brown still picks him up and runs off with him. What a loon!

Here's Brown and Charlie after we adopted our little orange and white ball of mischief.

My other dog, Grey, absolutely adores Brown. He can't stand to be separated from him. He also likes both cats and the pigs, but it's definitely not to the same extent as Brown does. Grey prefers to lie on the couch and and take naps with the cats, although he will play with them if they pester him enough. Overall, everyone gets along, and even the pigs could care less about the rest of the furry critters here.

01-12-06, 09:11 pm
Overall, everyone gets along, and even the pigs could care less about the rest of the furry critters here.
As long as everyone gets their hay and veggies. ;)

01-12-06, 11:48 pm
My dog, Riley is very good with other animals but I think its because he grew up with them. He is really interested in the pigs and the pigs often come up to the side of the cage to say hello. As for my bunny, Benny the two are pretty good friends and sometimes nap together. The only problem is the Riley thinks Benny is a little dog and sometimes tries to play a little too rough so I have to supervise them at all times. But for the most part Benny sticks up for himself and they like to chase each other around our living room. Its really strange to see a beagle being chased by a rabbit especially since beagles are often bred to hunt rabbits.


Myspoiltpiggies, Bekha is a beautiful dog. I have a little bit of a soft spot for Dalmations because our neighbour used to have one with a deformed leg.

Marlania, your dogs look like real sweeties.

01-13-06, 01:27 am
The only other animals he experienced before he died were my chickens, which he started stalking and trying to catch, but he was old and too slow to get them.
We used to have 4 chickens and Bekha would 'stare' at them as if she wanted to eat them.

01-13-06, 01:30 am
Awww beautiful pictures!!lol

01-13-06, 12:24 pm
really cute pics everyone! My dog is a lab/hound mix. He was about a year old when I started to do rescue and add to my furry family. He is wonderful with everyone. He knows the word gentle and when the furries have playtime I tell him zep its gentle time. He will walk around kissing everyone. I dont even need a gate for the room zep makes sure nobody leaves and will herd them in the right direction if they think of making a move for the living room LOL. So many people are shocked he is so good since they are used for hunting but he doesnt have a mean bone in his body. My mother babysits zep while I am at work and her boyfriends cat and my dog are often caught snugglin on the sofa - what a MUSH!

01-14-06, 12:06 am
Carissa, that pic is too sweet! I laughed when I thought of a rabbit chasing a beagle across the house.

01-14-06, 05:09 am
I think if I introduced the rabbit to Bekha slowly she would get used to it and realise that it is part of our family. That's what I had to do with the guinea pigs when she first saw one.

01-14-06, 09:45 am
Thanks, Marlania!

I think if I introduced the rabbit to Bekha slowly she would get used to it

That's what I did and it worked. I kept my bunny in his cage when Riley first came to live with us and only let him out when Riley wasn't around then I got to the point where I left the cage door open just enough so Benny could go in and out as he pleased but he pretty much stayed inside when Riley was around. Then the other day though, I guess Benny decided he didn't mind Riley and in one day then became friends. As long as you have a lot of hiding places where the rabbit can go to feel safe and you supervise them it should work. :)

01-14-06, 10:51 am
Sounds good! This is a coincidence... I was going to call my rabbit Riley.lol

01-14-06, 09:21 pm
That's funny! A beagle and a bunny named Riley so cute.lol