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01-11-06, 01:22 am
I'm new to this forum, I came across this site a while ago, was a great resource for my piggy. I forgot about it for a while, but then realized my piggy needed a bigger cage. Unfortunately she died on Monday, the day after I planned on making her a better cage. I'm not here for sympathy and I dont mean to offend anyone. I just...feel really bad and alone, I guess I've never experienced death first hand and most of my friends lost their pets when they were alot younger. I'm only 20 and I've had my baby piggy for a little over a year, she was passed down to us from my dads co-worker. My sister decided to name her Askitt, she was the most adorable piggy, and even though I was allergic to her I loved playing with her.:ashamed:
R.I.P. Askitt

Well I was wondering how any of you got over the death of a pet or learned to deal with it, this just hit me hard because I dont feel like I spent enough time with her.
I was also wondering what the best way of a burial would be. Is a shoe box really it? How deep should it be? Or does that not matter...
anyway thanks alot for all your time.

01-11-06, 06:42 am
Losing a pet is a hard thing, they become one of our family members. You have to remind yourself that animals are only here for a short piece of time and we can not take that for granted. When a pet moves on, we all hold them dearly in our hearts for they remain there for the rest of our lives. Take it one day at a time, we do not forget them but instead learn to live without them, and only time can help with that.

As far as the burial goes, people have different beliefs with this and it really is personal choice and what you feel best with. I think it helped me when I lost my cat to bury him in his favorite blanket he used to lay on all the time. I knew he would "want it". All of that is up to you though, really. As far as how deep, deep enough another animal is not going to dig him up if they were able to smell him. ( Sorry not wanting to be gross, but you asked.)
I am sorry at the loss of your piggy.

01-11-06, 07:39 am
It was overbearing for me in the beginning because after caring for a sick piggy over months she finally waited till I got home and died in my arms and it was the most horrible experience anyone can go through. This was approx. 2 months ago. She had a companion and I swore I would not get another piggy to keep her company. As a matter of fact, I wished I didn't have another piggy to contend with.

Anyway, weeks later I now have another little piggy to keep Nickel company and I am still enjoying them. It takes time for the memories to fade.

For me, I have to push those memories of her dying in my arms to another place or I will start to cry. I don't think it will every totally disappear, but it does get better and fades with time.

Give yourself time. It does get better, the worst feelings will fade.