View Full Version : Rabbits in their own room?

01-10-06, 11:39 pm
I'm moving into a 2 bedroom apartment, but it's just for the boyfriend, me and the pets. Has anyone had there bunnies 'free range' so to speak in a room? My C&C's will be in there too, and I think only one of the bunnies would have an intrest to visit the pigs. There will be nothing else but pet stuff in the room. I'm worried about the carpet. I think for the night I will put them in their cage, but if someone is home, then they can just run around in their room. Any advice is appriciated. Tank-you! (spelling error is on purpose) :lovestruc

01-11-06, 05:39 pm
My rabbits have always had the run of the main floor in our house. I keep all of their things in a bathroom-litterbox with hay, pellets, water, hidey house, toys, etc. I keep the bathroom door propped open slightly so that my dogs can't get in there too!

I leave chew toys for them scattered around. Then for the night or when I'm not home they go into their cage (huge C&C cage). For great rabbit info check out www.Rabbit.org (http://www.Rabbit.org).

Good luck!