View Full Version : Yes! New Hay!

01-09-06, 05:01 pm
FINALLY, I was able to afford to buy the piggers new hay and pellets. Although I have no doubt that the hay offered by KM is great, the shipping is just so much, PLUS handling fee, I could just never afford to pay that much for hay. So finally I was able to sell something on Ebay last week and used the money through paypal to buy my piggers some new type of hay :D. I bought them a 9lb bag of bluegrass for them to try and 10lbs of pellets, I can't wait to get them and see how my piggers like them. If they love it, I"m just going to have to find more stuff to sell on Ebay so I can buy them more!lol

Percy's Mom
01-09-06, 05:22 pm
I'm getting rid of some of my stuff as well to afford more piggy goodies. Let us know what your ebay ID is, so we can see what you're offering. Once I have something up to sell, I'll let you know as well. It kind of defeats the saving money point, but we might be able to get each other things we need.

01-09-06, 05:44 pm
Haha, very true. My Ebay ID is 'sdxicana' I don't have anything up for sale right now, but am looking through my house later to see what else I can get rid of :)