View Full Version : Pictures of My bunnies

i love piggies
01-09-06, 02:20 am
This is Marebelle she is one of my bunnies. She is so gentle, but she looks a little mean in the picture?


This is Buzz. He is looking like quite a show bunny in that pose (I asure you he isn't)


This is my Baby girl Dolly. She is one of those giant rabbits bred for eating. My friend was going to let her go. But I had to have her. She is so loyal.

Just thought I would introduce some of my bunnies. Hope you all like them

01-09-06, 07:00 am
Aww they are so cute.

01-09-06, 01:46 pm
Awwww they are lovely! You have really cute bunnies, I especially love Marebelle, she is beautiful!

01-09-06, 11:19 pm
Love those Dutchies!

i love piggies
01-10-06, 02:32 am
By dutchees do you mean Dolly. She is quite large, she is bigger than my shih tzu (dog).

I have always wondered what breed she was. I was told she was a Newzealand meat rabbit(She is supposed to be for eating)

01-10-06, 08:21 am
Both Marebelle and Dolly have dutch patterns, so there's some dutch in them somewhere. Do you know how much Dolly weighs? She could be crossed with New Zealand, but they're generally white, black, or brown. The vast majority are white.