View Full Version : So if you can no longer have a real cavy....

01-08-06, 07:14 pm
If you can no longer have a real cavy, you should try one of these...


01-08-06, 11:32 pm
Very interesting.

Wonder if it will be a big seller. Though it really isn't a bad idea.

01-09-06, 06:38 am
I want one! lol It looks cool, I cant believe they invented it! I wonder how real cavies would react to it? Mine would most likely just run away!

01-09-06, 06:57 am
Hehe the first thing I saw was that camel thing. I was thinking ummm why should I get a camel if I couldn't have a pig. Then I realized I should scroll down.

Slap Maxwell
01-09-06, 10:50 am
What a good alternative for getting kids a guinea pig as a pet.

01-09-06, 11:51 am
I have one. :D

01-11-06, 12:14 am
That's what I was thinking too... why would I want a camel? If I can't have a pig I obviously can't have a camel. I got a chuckle out of it. Very clever idea for kids.

01-11-06, 02:40 pm
They have bought out a gupi 2 now! It's even better apparantly! I want one too....just out of curiosity!


01-13-06, 08:54 am
I prefer the first one (what I have). The second version doesn't even make any piggy noises. I'm sure it's better for kids, but I prefer hearing true piggy sounds. Of course, the real ones are even better.