View Full Version : Carpet for bedding

03-13-04, 10:24 am
Wonder if I could use Carpet ( New Ofcourse, and the one like use in office which has not much fur ) as bedding while putting Breeder's Choice Cat Litter in litter pen.

03-14-04, 09:56 pm
It would probably stink. I can just picture it. The guinea pig urinating and defecating on it day and night. Even with plenty of bedding some will seep through to the carpet. Do you really want to have that? It would probably be a nightmare to clean. Try linoleum.

03-14-04, 10:09 pm
As long as you clean it once or twice everday.

03-14-04, 11:01 pm
Oh thank god, my GP is seem to be very smart, she only urianed in the pen that I provided ( A4 size , lot of Bredder Choice Cat Litter ) and enjoys on the carpet for food and resting. So far, tested for 2 days and no sense of peeing on the carpet.

03-15-04, 10:11 am
If you can get hold of some vetbed (http://www.bunnybazaar.co.uk/largeViews/comfort/vbed.html), that would probably be better than regular carpet. You can wash it and it's designed to absorb urine and draw it away from the surface so it doesn't bother their feet and skin. Normal carpet would become rotten if exposed to urine, and anything which you use in their housing area should be changeable or washable even if they're not peeing on it.

06-13-04, 06:32 pm
I think you mentioned you are using cat litter. I thought that was poisonous to piggies if it is eaten.

06-14-04, 07:16 pm
Not that kind.

06-14-04, 09:29 pm
CAt litter isnt poisonis Well some is but i dont think they acutally make the kind your thinking of anymore.Here theres non toxic cat litter thats actually recommened for use with small animals under bedding.And as carpet All my Top levels are Carpeted Works great i Spoit clean the crap every second day and wash them every month or so because they dont pee up there just poo.Sometimes theres an accident but who doesnt when ya get old huh lol :P.

06-28-04, 07:36 pm
Ok, sorry. I stand corrected, if cat litter's safe, go for it! =)