View Full Version : Question about cage size

01-08-06, 09:41 am
I made Oob and Puck a 2x2 C&C (I used a different kind of grids though, they're only about a cm square) with a 1x1 loft. Does anyone know if this is a good size? A lot of the pictures I've seen have tall cages verus wide ones. I used left over supplies so it's not a big deal if I have to modify it. And they're just babies so it's not bad for now. Thanks!

01-08-06, 09:54 am
It sounds about the minimum size, each rat needs a space 2 cubic feet, so it does exceed this, however the more room the better!
If you can make it a little bigger then it would be a good idea, also consider adding more levels since rats LOVE to climb - if you can't build out, building up is good!

01-08-06, 10:52 am
I have a 1x2 that is 3 grids high for my two boys. I have about 6 different levels for them to play on. from what I have read it is okay and a good thing to build up and all levels you have count as floor space. It is not like with pigs where you only count the lowest level for minimum square footage.

01-08-06, 08:21 pm
Thanks for the answers. Oh it's so funny. I built them this cage and all they do is hide in their mini-pigloo or under their towel. I guess they are like baby humans. They like to sleep.