View Full Version : My bunny hair?

03-13-04, 07:08 am
Hi Everyone, I am new here.
I do have a question,
I Have a black lop bunny that my mom got for one of my daughters (4 years old) for a birthday gift, (got my 6 year old a guinea pig)
but we have had it for a few weeks and he is starting to get alot of white hairs on his back.
Why is this? Is he going to change to a silver,
or is my daughter carrying him around all the time just giving him grey hair already (just kidding, he likes be carried and he does not fuss at all)


04-07-04, 10:14 am
I used to have rabbits also. I am pretrty sure it is the rabbits under coast comeing out, he is shedding. Beause the seasons are changing and it is not as cold he wont need as thick if a under coat anymore. Dont worry from my experiencs that is normal. I hope i helped you out and i hope you enjoy your bunny they can be a lot of fun.