View Full Version : Anyone have an open cage w/o coro?

01-07-06, 11:07 pm
I actually think I like it better. It is sooo easy to clean. Right now it is on tile, so all we have to do is lift up the 3x3, move it another spot, sweep, mop, and then re-lay down the bedding (we use towels, and blankets or cloth chucks pads). Then I put the "fence" around it and put all their goodies back and they are good to go. We have had the cage in the living room as well, and even that wasn't too bad... just vaccuum instead of sweep. I moved it, though, because I was more worried about a leaking issue on the carpet. I was just wondering if anyone else has forgone the coro and then just added their fleece? Obviously this wouldn't work real well if we were using strictly CareFresh, but that is limited to their tray bottom where their pigloos are.