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01-06-06, 02:03 pm

I wanted to ask a question.

I live in Argentina and the information here about GPs is a disaster.
I've visited places and they are kept in wire cages with wire floors, too small, etc. They have no idea of the requirements, etc.
In hopes of educating the people I am designing a small, humble site, to explain in Spanish some of the basics.

I was wondering if any of you can give me authorization to use pictures of your cages in a gallery, putting your name of course and the name of your piggies.

I think people would change their views here looking at those beautiful cages and happy piggies.

I definitely want to do something here in Argentina to help GPs.
There is no good information in Spanish, and most pet stores, etc, give terrible advice.

Thanks in advance,

01-06-06, 02:09 pm
You can use any of the pictures in my gallery if you would like. I have five pigs named Cloe, Jasmine, Ella, Paige, and Sammy. If you find a picture you like then show me it and I will tell you what pigs live in it because some of them are old cages.

01-06-06, 02:11 pm
Thank you very much!
Your cages are wonderful. I will tell you which I decide to use so you can tell me the piggies' names :)

Thanks a lot.

01-06-06, 03:13 pm
I only have a few photos that might be useful but feel free to use them. My pigs are Fat Ears, Divot, Ringo, and Happy.

01-06-06, 05:23 pm
Sure, use any of mine! I'm uploading ones of my new cage into the gallery now so they'll be there soon.

01-06-06, 08:12 pm
Welcome! You are in the right place! Also check out:

www.guinealynx.com (http://www.guinealynx.com)

www.cavyspirit.com (http://www.cavyspirit.com)

01-25-06, 02:28 pm
I have plenty of pics, just let know and I will send you some. Good luck.!!

01-31-06, 07:41 pm
thank you so much for being willing to share your pictures.
I'll let you know.
Thank you,