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01-05-06, 06:50 pm
How much will it be to send a medium C&C cage to dublin,Ireland.

01-05-06, 07:11 pm
I moved this to the appropriate forum section so Sue can see it and answer your question.

01-05-06, 07:22 pm
Thank you, Ly. Shipping and handling a medium cage to Ireland is approximately 60.00 US dollars via USPS. That carries a 4-6 week transit time, but is not guaranteed.

There are other methods that are more "trackable" and that are guaranteed, but at a considerable cost, unfortunately. You can email me at [email protected] for more info.

Ball Lightning
01-06-06, 06:28 am
I paid 48 US dollar S&H for 30 more grids and connectors (to the Netherlands). I'm in week 4 now, and the seller also told me it would take 4-6 weeks. The package weighted 12,5 kilograms.

01-15-06, 02:53 pm
I would have no idea. Do not ship over there. Nobody to ship to...='(