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01-05-06, 01:43 pm
I've been looking for an "introducing forum" on the site and couldn't find one... So here I am!!! :D

Let me introduce myself... and my piggies of course!
I'm French (sorry, I will sometimes injure your language, but we never stop to learn isn't it? :D :sarcastic) and live in Germany.

My 2 girls: Gipsy and Noisette (= Hazelnut) are now 6 months old and don't trust me completely yet... :crazy: when they're not alone piggies are stronger! I got them in August ;) But there's still hope and my patience is infinite... well almost infinite lol.

01-05-06, 02:11 pm
Welcome! I've had my girls for 2 months now. They dont trust me either! :) Got pics of yours?

Herbie Girl
01-05-06, 02:12 pm
Welcome to the board!!


01-05-06, 02:15 pm
Hiya, I am sure you will like it here! Any pics of your piggies? do you have a c&c cage or do you kep them outside?

01-06-06, 02:23 am
I will make new pics this week.

I have to keep them outside till my boyfriend moves out (he's got an allergy).
Then i will buy a c&c cage. They will have much more space to run around! :)

01-06-06, 03:18 am
Hi DaisyLane! I also have to girl who don't trust me and hide from me.

01-06-06, 08:43 am
Welcome to the forum, Daisy! I like your pigs' names. I have had Pepper for about 8 months and she is just now starting to trust me, but very little. It is frustrating.

01-06-06, 10:14 am
Hi, and welcome to the forum!! Your English is very good, I must say. Looking forward to seeing pigtures of your girls!

01-06-06, 11:04 am
Welcome!! Your piggies will come around and love you before long. Food is the way to their hearts...
Can't wait to see their pictures.

01-06-06, 12:04 pm
Hi and welcome! :)

01-06-06, 01:28 pm
Bonjour! My French is dreadful - I was there skiing at the start of 2005. Welcome to the forum. Give your piggies lots of love and food and they'll soon come around.

Becky cavy mad
01-06-06, 01:35 pm
Bonjour! Welcome! I've been to Germany before its beutiful!