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01-04-06, 09:49 pm
So I recently switched to fleece with my new girls. I used aspen in their smaller cage before I got my CC cage set up. I was a bit concerned they wouldn't take to the whole litter pan thing, since they seemed to have no problem peeing anywhere and everywhere. But, they seemed to concentrate their "business" by the hay. I made a large litter box that runs the shorter length of the cage. I put the hay rack over it and also put a ton of hay in it as well. Alas, they are still peeing in every corner and even on my cute pillow beds I made! Perhaps I was just really lucky with my girl before, because she only peed in her corner litter pan. Was this a rare exception?? I didn't really want to make a litter pan for every corner, as that will significantly decrease their area for running around. Does anybody have suggestions?? Thanks in advance!

01-04-06, 09:59 pm
Ah yes! My girls pee in certain areas of the cage. I use fleece for the majority of the cage as well. My layers consist of bottom to top: newspaper, a towel folded length-wise, and fleece. Those areas that they seem to pee more often instead of newspaper I put down a puppy pad which seems to absorb it better than the paper. I also have two homemade coroplast potties-one under the hay & one downstairs; they're each a 1x1 grid size. I also have two store bought corner potties too. Good luck but they'll pee where ever they want unless you can get them potty trained. If you do, could you help me with mine.

01-04-06, 10:11 pm
Yep my girls pee on everything too.

01-04-06, 10:25 pm
Yep my girls pee on everything too.

So does everyone usually put several litter pans in the cage (i.e. one in every corner) ??

01-04-06, 10:46 pm
I have 3 but not in every corner. There is a large litter pan (normally for toy breed dogs for indoor potty training) on the main level in middle under a hay rack. Another on the loft level with another hay rack over it. Lastly an actually corner pan in one corner of the main level.

Even though they have so many places to use the bathroom they still go everywhere. :confused: Oh well :)! At least they use them. Even though it is not on my terms.

Sweet Pea
01-04-06, 11:27 pm
My Caramel Loves to do her business on the nice beds I have for her too. haha.

I just put a fleece pigloo in her cage and just waiting to see how she makes out with that.