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03-09-04, 08:36 pm
Hi my name is Tracy and I'm new to the site... I just had a few questions and would like everyone's oppinion!

I have 2 male pigs, Monti and Bailey, and they just got together in their new 2 1/2 X 6cube cage... they get along GREAT, no fights or anything but I was just wondering how many waterbottles and food dishes do you all recommend for the 2 of them... I have 2 bottles and 2 dishes in there now because I didn't know if they would get territorial or anything, but everytime I see them eating (pellets, hay, veggies) they always are side by side or facing so I was thinking 1 bottle and dish should be plenty...

also about a second floor... should the second floor be blocked so they couldn't jump down the side or is it ok to leave the edge open, or is the coroplast enough to keep them from jumping down?? any suggestions would be great!! oh and do you need any extra support under the floor of the second level or are the cable ties and connectors enough?

and one last comment... I am THRILLED with the change I have gotten from Monti since I got him a friend and built him the new cage... I lost my female pig Zoe a little over a month ago (they were kept in separate cages but could see eachother) and Monti I think went threw a little depression... So after I went threw my no more pigs period (a week) I decided a second pig would be a good idea, (my husband disaggreed), so I got Bailey from a friend of mine, (the same person I got Zoe from (Zoe was a rescue by the way, she was left in a cardboard box on the shelter door step, but thats another story!) and after the quarentine period I let the Boys meet. I was ready for a war but was very thankfuly wrong.... they LOVE eachother and now that they are in the same cage are always together.. my favorite is when the cuddle together in the same house... TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!! But Monti actually seems to be a lot less scared of everything! He isn't as friendly as Bailey but I think he is working on it!:)

anyway sorry about the rambling but just had a few questions and had to tell a little about my babies!!! (I'm sure you all understand:)

03-09-04, 09:53 pm
One water bottle and dish is enough for them. I don't they're territorial when it comes to pig stuff.

Since you have 2.5x6 grid for a cage, you'll need a support underneath if you're going to have a second floor. It might collapse. I think you should block the second floor. Though the choroplast will do fine. I saw some pics in the gallery that their deck is open - no walls on the side. Its up to you.

Its good that your new pig and Monti got along together easily well. :)