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01-02-06, 12:36 pm
This is for everyone on this site, but the mods especially for creating this site. My pigs would never be as happy as they are now without this site. This isnt a bad thing, but there are quite a few people on here who shout at you if you dont have the right equipment or cage, but i suppose in many ways, that is a good thing. if i wasnt told that I needed a c&c cage had a few people shout at me when i said i didnt need one, then i wouldnt have one to this day! thank you so much everyone on this site! It is great! I think mabey this site is a little to strict on the grammer and spelling side of things, but overall it is great!


01-02-06, 01:16 pm
CavySpirit created this site, us mods only moderate it. She's the one to ultimately thank for the site itself but you can thank the mods for keeping the trolls and such off the forum and for all the other work we do on the forum.

01-02-06, 03:37 pm
thankyou cavyspirit lots and lots. You have made my pigs life loads better!

Binas Cavys
01-03-06, 08:34 pm
Me Too! Thanks You so much for making many pigs lives better, happier, and helthier