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01-01-06, 04:13 pm
How many things do you have in your cage? That includes toys, ramps, hidey houses, food bowls, water bottles and any other things you have.

I have in one cage
3 hidey houses
1 folded grid tunnel thing
2 food bowls
2 water bottles
1 ramp to the second level
2 cat balls
1 tunnel thing
1 brick
1 pole to hold up second level
and 3 guinea pigs.

In my other cage I have
2 hidey houses
1 cuddle cup
2 water bottles
1 food dish
small cat pillow
1 mirror
1 hanging treat toy thing
1 ramp to the second level
1 cat ball
and 2 guinea pigs.

01-01-06, 04:24 pm
I have in one huge cage:

1 large hidey house that could fit three girls (& they've done it)
4 other hidey houses
1 tunnel from a grid & 1 tunnel made out of fleece
1 step stool
4 water bottles
3 veggie dishes
1 large pellet dish
1 large hay rack
2 coroplast (1x1 grid size) potties
2 corner store-bought potties
2 stuffed animals (1 beany baby cat & 1 dog-toy pink dog)
a few chewy sticks
a few bells with balls (these are actually cat toys)
a tennis ball
a hammock
a hanging toy

I think that's it but I can't remember. Oh yeah, and eight girls! My cage is a L shaped 2 story cage. The first level is a 2x4 connected to a 2x6. The second level has a 2x3 on one side and a 2x2 on the other side connected by a row of grids with a small guard rail. They have plenty of room to get away from each other.

01-01-06, 04:32 pm
1 cuddle cup
1 cozy bed
1 cavy cave
3 pigloos
3 super houses
2 fiddle sticks
2 veggie bells
1 unlimited feeder
1 hay rack
1 piggie tent
2 water bottles
3 toy balls
2 litter trays
1 mirror
3 bricks
3 tunnels
several veggie plates
2 ramps
1 loft

The cage is a 2x4 three story cage with openning grids.

01-01-06, 05:29 pm
Let me see, in the 3x5 I have:
2 kitten beds
1 hammock (in it's own little corner)
1 1x2 size litterbox
2 bricks - as stairs into the litterbox/hay corner
2 bent-grid hay racks
1 large fiddlesticks tunnel
3 water bottles
2 pellet dishes
2 veggie dishes
2 cat ball toys
1 hanging bird "chandelier" with bells
1 hanging chew-stick kabob with a bell
1 hanging treat ball with a bell (Junior likes bells!)
and 3 boars!

In their 1x3 balcony, we have:
1 water bottle
1 small treat cup
1 wicker basket with hay (zip-tied to the cage)
1 hanging chew-stick kabob with a bell
and 1 cat-bed cushion (the bed was too high, but the piggies love the cushion)