View Full Version : My piggies and friends floor time

03-05-04, 03:52 pm
Here is a picture of My two pigges, Basil and Pepper with my friends pigges , Oscar and Pepper, having fun in their out door grassy floor time. They can just wonder off around boxes and have food all around them.
and another picture of Basil and Pepper in their cage

03-06-04, 01:01 pm
nice nice nice plz tell me u watch for like cats n dogs n whatever else likes little cavys :S

03-07-04, 04:53 am
me and my friend always keep guard of the pigs , since cats are about . we normally just sit infront of the grass and watch them run about!

03-07-04, 09:50 am
hehe gj i cant wait till summer comes here in ottawa damn winter lol