View Full Version : Coroplast hidey house #2 with build in tunnel

03-05-04, 03:09 pm

This is the newest addition to the "Piggy Condo's" projects my husband and I have been working on.

2 level design, both for relaxation
built in tunnel for fun upscale excersize
Upper loft, with liftable roof for easy access
Soft AND safe padding for grip
Made for approx. $1.00 !!!!!

03-06-04, 12:51 pm
omg i made one like that for my cyns and lol cyns was sooo fat he broke it when he climbed up it liek it was sturdy enough but lol hes just so damn fat

03-06-04, 12:58 pm
sorry to post again but what do u have under the ramp there to keep it so sturdy i used wood blocks

03-24-04, 12:26 am
i also build a timber hide away using coroplast for my GP
follow exactly the same design

06-14-04, 10:11 am
Wow, that's an awesome house! That must have taken a lot of time. Good job! =)

07-18-04, 01:10 am
lipglossartist, did i read somewhere that you have designs for your hidey houses? i'd love to make one like that for my pig (as of tomorrow, pigs! i'm so excited) it's great, it looks like a mansion. if you could help me, i'd appreciate it. thanks very much!


07-18-04, 03:38 pm
absolutly I will ! I dont have any plans drawn up as of yet, but I will try to get around to posting a few different designs within the week, here at cavy cages. My site is temporarily down, but soon also I will be trying off offer a "pre-cut" and assemble yourself house like these ones I have posted here, for sale for $25.00. Keep tabs on my postings in the next couple of days, or feel free to email me and I will let ya'll know when I will be putting up the designs.

Thanks for the interest
Melissa @ ForeverHomesRescue ([email protected])