View Full Version : For the moderators and or cavy spirit regarding hairless pigs

12-24-05, 09:03 am

I have been doing some extensive research on the origin of the hairless guinea pig and I have found some very good research stating their health problems, why they were bred and why you should not breed them unless you know extensively what you are doing, that is at least a degree in the biology of the animal itself e.t.c.

I wanted to ask since this site does not like talking about specific breeds if I am able to post this information?

Please if you wish to see the information via email please request it and i will send it for you to look over and or change.

Thankyou in advance

12-24-05, 11:52 am
You can go ahead and email it to me.


[email protected]

12-24-05, 06:15 pm
I would love to read it. I have 3 rescued skinny pigs. If you are not able to post it could you pm me with it? Thanks!

12-30-05, 08:56 am
Hi again!

Sorry that I havent emailed or pm'd the information as of yet. My computer recently crashed loosing the whold article... very upset about this! Lost alot of other importnat information too.

I will try to retrieve it A.S.A.P, and also if I cant I will rewrite it again from scratch, skinnypiggys if you would like could you pm me about your experience with hairless cavies? It would be great background information for the article. If you cant thats fine as well!

I will email you as soon as I can cavyspirit.

Thankyou again.

12-30-05, 10:50 am
No problem. There is a very virulent virus going around right now. There's a thread about it on General Chat in GL. You may want to check it out. You need to be registered there to read that forum.