View Full Version : My pigs needs new home (Philippines)

02-29-04, 04:30 am
3 boars and 2 sows.

02-29-04, 07:31 am
I wish I could say I would adopt them, but 1 is enough for me to handle right now with the hay and pellet problems.

Maybe I could adopt 1 sow... but it's probably not good to spilt them up, I don't know.

02-29-04, 07:50 pm
I was thinking of asking you too. But then I'm having second thoughts of giving my pigs away.

02-29-04, 11:48 pm
Hehe =) So why did you decide you wanted to put a few of your piggies up for adoption? You have 9 piggys in total don't you? That must quite a big responciblity!

I think our piggys are rather fortunate to have us as owners here really. We care about our piggys. I sometimes dread to think what happens to the other piggys here that are bought by other people. I doubt they would go out of their way to get hay etc. It seems most people here think Guinea pigs are just big hamsters. When I first got my piggy I only got a 50cm wide cage and a woman asked me why I got such a BIG cage!? BIG? It was far too small for my piggy!

03-01-04, 01:16 am
Actually I'm fine with nine. It's no hassle. Even before we thought of giving them when we found out that one of pig is pregnant. Like what you said, I doubt that people would would go as far as what I did with my other pigs. I think no people would go to the vet (or even bother to find an excotic vet) to treat their piggies. Or spend much on their pellets, bedding, veggies, hay (i'm still looking) Or even research on the net on how you would take care of the pigs.

I thought of giving them because two of my pigs are pregnant (I know, my mistake). But then I'm finding ways to reduce the expenses. Right now, I'm using towel for bedding (reusable. so that I won't buy bedding anymore), I'm starting to plant grass on my little pot (so far its surviving) and with that I don't have to buy much on the veggies. So the only thing that I have to buy is pellets and their veggies and other needs (like vitamin c).

(sorry, i didn't realize it's that long already)

03-01-04, 03:29 am
Wow, well I certainly admire you for looking after all those piggies =) Because personally I think I can only handle 2 at most. I worry about the expensive if I had more than 1 or 2 piggies. I want to give the best care to the one I already have, if you see what I mean.

I know exactly where you're coming from about people here not bothering with vets etc etc. For expensive reasons or whatever. People treat animals pretty badly, generally speaking. The rich seem to be mostly the only ones that treat their animals in a more "part of the family" kind of way. But I'm not rich and I doubt you are either. If it meant I didn't eat to look after my piggies I would (stupid eh?). I donno... I believe every creature on the earth deserves to be treated well.

I also find cheaper ways to care for my piggy. I use old newpapers for floor lining and shredded newpaper and rags. I do use vit C suppliment my piggies water bottle, but when that fails I give her 1/2 a tomato a day since it's high in vit C.

What I find ridiculous is they sell Guinea pigs here but don't sell the things to accommidate them. Hay, pellets, Aspen wood shavings vit C? Silly. But of course I doubt if they stocked those things it would make them much money, so they don't.

I think we deserve an award! lol. Oh well, done moaning now hehe.

(Sorry, long too hehe)

03-01-04, 05:32 am
Taking care of two gps have no difference in taking care of one. Though of course you have divided attention for the two.

I don't think doing something for your pigs is stupid. I mean you have invested so much emotion with your pigs and doing as such isn't stupid. I admire you too for greatly taking care of you pet. You're right. All living creatures here deserves the right treatment.

They don't have the stuff here in the Philiippines for gps because they're not really popular here and is not that educated about them (especially the pet stores)

Cheers for the both of us, Astrantia :)

03-01-04, 07:10 am
Yep! Yeah for us! =D I understand them not being popular here, but I believe if they sell the guinea pigs, they should sell the supplies too.

How... I know this isn't in the right forum and it's going a little off subject... but where is it that you are getting your pellets now? Or would you prefer I e-mail you about that? =)

03-01-04, 09:28 pm
I think It woul be much better if you would email me :)

05-20-04, 10:02 am
Wow...I live here in Houston, TX but I spent the first 9 years of my life in Manila, Philippines. I had no clue there were guinea pigs in the Philippines, much less people who cared so much about them! My dad is from La Union and I've heard him talk about wild ferrets, but I've never heard him mention anything about guinea pigs. That is too sweet.