View Full Version : Philippines Hay Dilemma! :-(

02-28-04, 10:32 am
Hello everyone :-) Here's my problem; I live in the Philippines (but I'm British ;-D), in Pasig City and I have NO idea where to buy hay. I've looked in Megamall's Bio Research, Greenhills and a few other places and I can't find any! I really don't have a clue where else I can buy some. I'm really concerned if I don't find some it will hinder my Piggies health :-( I looked at online petstores for shipping some here, but the shipping costs more than the hay itself! It would cost over $100 to ship it here. If anybody has any idea how or where I can get some hay over here tell me :-( I'll go to the provinces or wet market or anywhere to get it.

Also, Bio Research in Megamall ran out of Guinea pig food. I'm on to rabbit food which really isn't suitable!

If anyone knows of an online petstore that ships cheaply to the Philippines tell could you tell me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Help me, help my piggy! :-(