View Full Version : Idea for Cavy Spirit!

12-17-05, 02:41 pm
When I was at the vet today (Hansel had the symptoms of a URI) one of the Vet Techs was talking to me about her GP. I thought wouldnt it be nice if cavycages.com had some sort of a print out business type card that we could download. I wrote down the website for her, but though it would be nice if there was somthing from the actual website that I could hand her. This could also be useful for those who like to go to the pet stores and talk to people about adopting a guinea pig. Maybe if they had a card with the website they could surf the web and do some research of their own and maybe not BUY a pig. Who knows...its just an idea .:)

12-17-05, 03:10 pm
I am moving this to the feedback forum.

12-19-05, 12:29 pm
Good idea.