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12-17-05, 11:30 am
I rescued a 3 month old lion head rabbit from being culled. He is the cutest thing that I have ever seen. I named him Leo. I have had rabbits most of my life so I do have plenty of experience with them.

Right now Leo has the run of our master bathroom and supervised play time in the rest of the house. He is litterbox trained. The only problem that I am having is that he likes to chew on our wood baseboards (that we have throughout the house). He has tons of toys and items for chewing and has unlimites hay.

Does anyone have suggestions as to what I can do to protect my baseboards?

Thanks for your help!

12-17-05, 12:49 pm
We had the same problem when we first brought our little guy home. Baseboards must be tasty or something. lol

Anyway, what I did was run 1/4 inch plywood sheets all around the walls of his play areas. About one foot high. It isn't the prettiest look in the world but I'll tell you this...problem instantly was solved. :cool:

12-17-05, 12:57 pm
Congrats on saving Leo!

There are several bad-tasting things you can try, like Bitter Apple, Bitter Lime, vinegar, hot sauce, and I've heard of using Dove soap. Problem is, some rabbits like the taste of those. Keep trying till you find something that he doesn't like. They also need to be reapplied constantly.

You could also look around your local home improvement store to find something to cover them up with. You could attach pieces of wood to the baseboard so he's chewing on the extra wood and not the baseboard itself.

Does he play with his chew toys? What types do you have? I find my buns aren't very interested in the standard wooden chews from pet stores, although the fruitwood branches are alright. They all like apple twigs (make sure they weren't sprayed with pesticide), untreated wicker such as baskets, unpeeled balls from Pier 1, or round wicker hamster nests, cardboard, and unscented sisal cat toys. Some of them like Shredders, which are rolls of woven palm leaf that you can cut and tie to things.

It might be difficult to deter him right now, but it should get easier once he's an adult. Good luck!


12-17-05, 01:22 pm
Thanks for your replies. I have tried the bitter apple spray but he likes it! I was thinking of just putting up boards around but hubby isn't to excited about that idea! Every single room in our house has baseboards. I should know, I'm the one who refinished all of them! I guess Leo wants to add his personal touch!

Leo actually has all of the chew toys that you mentioned! We must be reading the same info on toys! His favorite toys are actually my cats. He loves them.

Percy's Mom
12-17-05, 02:02 pm
His favorite toys are actually my cats. He loves them.
I hope he isn't chewing the kitties! :crazy:

12-17-05, 05:24 pm
I hope he isn't chewing the kitties! :crazy:

Don't worry he's not! Hee Hee :o