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02-26-21, 07:37 am
So we've had our one guinea pig Hippie for a year now. And a few months ago we got her a friend Little Pig. Hippie loves her MW cage. But Little Pig has found out how to get under the fleece and inconsistency pads I put at the bottom of the cage. She has now chewed a hole through the canvas liner. I am looking into getting some coroplast to make a base. Does anyone have instructions on how to score and cut it and the dimensions I should get? TIA

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Guinea Pig Papa
02-27-21, 07:22 am
There is a cage section here if you need cage ideas, and there are so many great ones. For two pigs, a 2 grid by 4 grid is generally accepted as the minimum but go bigger if you can. They'll love as much space as they can get.

To score the coroplast, an Xacto knife is what I have found to be the easiest way. Only score ONE side of the coroplast and it should fold easily along that line that you've cut. DON'T use any kind of tape to hold it together, as pigs seem to love tape and they'll chew it. Use hot glue to secure it on the sides away from where the pigs can get to.

02-27-21, 08:13 am
I failed to mention that my piggies cage also has a playpen attached so they have extra room. I also open the cage a lot when I am home so they can roam the guinea proofed living room. Lol. (I'm a stay at home mom so I'm home a lot) Thank you for the tips!

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