View Full Version : Moving pigs to a pig sitters house .

12-11-05, 08:43 am
I have to take my pigs to the pig sitter later today , were going for 5 weeks for christmas . The only problem I have is that its -45 outside here today .Do you think they will be ok with a couple of fleece blankets in a box to go as far as the car? Im gonna have the car all warm and ready . Another question is will they be in shock from such a huge change ? Ive printed out all the infromation I could think of to give the family (my Boss) , so should they just let them relax and get adjusted for the first week before trying to cuddle them or pick them up ? Thanks any information would be graet . Im gonna miss them so much:weepy: ! I would love to take them , but I think the plane ride would be more stressfull then them going to someones house .

Slap Maxwell
12-11-05, 09:14 am
Just make sure the top of the box is covered before you bring them out. A short walk to the car will not hurt them too terribly, just make it as quick as you can.

Make sure your boss calls you every other day for the first week or so and lets you know how they are doing. That is important. I assume you have left the vet's phone number and directions and everything just in case.

Let the pigs settle in for a couple days before they try to give them floor time or spend lap time with them.

12-11-05, 09:26 am
Thanks slap !

12-11-05, 11:01 am
I'm sure you're going to miss them terribly. But I think you're right in leaving them with a sitter instead of taking them on an airplane ride. I'm sure that would stress them out for sure. Good luck.

I think they'll be ok to transfer from house to car and back again. Like slap said, make sure the lid is shut and adding the extra fleece for them should help. Have a happy holiday.

12-11-05, 12:04 pm
When we adopted Junior last winter, it was about that temp too... we did the same thing you're planning, and he was fine. We had a teeny carry-cage and wrapped it in 4 layers of fleece, and popped right out to the car (warmed up & at the door) with him. Then when we got home, we did the same thing in reverse.

When you live in a cold place, sometimes it's just not possible to avoid cold weather. You deal with it as best as you can. It would be far better to bring them to a sitter, than to try to find someone to come & visit them regularly. You know they'll be well cared for now.

12-12-05, 12:13 pm
They have been there since yesterday morning . I think I've been calling every 5 hrs or so . I've set them up with all there faverorite thing and veggies . I jusy called 5 minuits ago and the sitter said they were getting on so good , doing all their regular activities etc. eating well and drinking . I feel much better now knowing that they are happy . Im gonna miss them so much . Well anyways , Im on my way to the airport , so everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !