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Ball Lightning
12-11-05, 04:49 am
Here are some photo's of our guys.

First one is Joey, a cream-coloured 8 months old boar. He is the laidback type, and always tries to escape while doing floortime. While he looks super relaxed, he is naughty as hell. Two nonths younger than the other on, he still remains the biggest and strongest of the two.

The second one is Gino, a 10 months old red/brown (not quite sure) boar. He is the hyperactive type, always doing something. He is also the most reckless of the two. A real "no thinking, just act" type.

Hope you like the photos lol

12-11-05, 04:50 am
Thwy are both sooo cute! I love em!

12-11-05, 04:51 am
They are lovely!

Off topic: Where in the Netherlands are you? My boyfriend is from Woerden near Utrecht. :)

Ball Lightning
12-11-05, 04:53 am
They are lovely!

Off topic: Where in the Netherlands are you? My boyfriend is from Woerden near Utrecht. :)

Landgraaf. it's the very south (Limburg) near the border of Germany and Belgium.

12-11-05, 05:06 am
Ooooh! They're so incredibly cute! Joey is adorable! Yep, definitely my favourite kind. :) He looks very sweet & innocent in that picture. Could Gino be a buff? I'm not quite sure. He looks like he might be more reddish than buff.

Thanks for posting sharing pigtures boys.

Ball Lightning
12-11-05, 05:22 am
I really don't know what colour Gino is. His mother and sister were cream-coloured, his father unknown to me. I think he is just a mix. He is definately more reddish than pure buff. But not red enough for a pure red I think. If anyone knows, please tell me.

12-11-05, 06:17 am
Adorable boys! I think Joey is Saffron and Gino is Golden. You can google saffron or golden guinea pig and get the same colors.

12-11-05, 07:29 am
Saffron only comes with pink eyes, so I think it's more likely that Joey is a cream. But Gino could definitely be a golden.

12-11-05, 08:19 am
Ohhhh they are adorable! I love their colours! They look so sweet!!

thank you for sharing...

They are beautiful.


12-11-05, 11:43 am
They are very handsome! You must be so proud of them, becoming famous like this and being admired by many!

Ball Lightning
12-11-05, 02:37 pm
I just looked for golden cavies. It is stated that golden cavies always have pink/red eyes. So it's a golden vacy with brown eyes. Not a purebred, but who cares anyway? ;)

12-11-05, 02:39 pm
Awww. They are such cuties.

i love piggies
12-11-05, 02:49 pm
I love the pigtures. I have a boar who is the same colour as Joey, but mine has pink eyes.

They are both so cute.

12-11-05, 02:52 pm
Posted by citronsoul: Saffron only comes with pink eyes

Oops, my bad..he really does look exactly saffron though. Maybe it's just a genetic flaw but he's still saffron? Unless he's buff..

12-11-05, 03:22 pm
Cute piggies. They're adorable little boys.