View Full Version : Flea and Tick question

Sweet Pea
12-10-05, 01:58 pm
Just wondering if this is very common in piggies? If they stay inside will they get mights or ticks often?


12-10-05, 02:03 pm
Mites lay dormant on pigs and flare up causing itching if the pig gets particularly stressed.

Fleas and ticks aren't all that common in pigs, and the chances of your pig getting any type of parasite is not increased by them living indoors.

Sweet Pea
12-10-05, 02:21 pm
I am just wondering because I have two cats as well and they will be around the piggy. I used to have squirrels and they loved to watch them usually only when I am around.
ANd I don't want the cats to get mites either.

12-10-05, 02:50 pm
My ascot did have ticks last year, but it isn't a common thing, especially if they are staying inside. I think mange mites are host specific, so if your guinea pigs get them they won't be transferred. A lot of pigs do get mites but it is an easy thing to treat

Sweet Pea
12-10-05, 03:27 pm
That's good to know. Thank you:)